A request

it about the journey. It is my humble opinion that we have no clue how big the sacrifice is. It might be easy to ignore, or set aside. However you, the wonderful souls who have served our country (are serving) or love someone who has/does could write something about your experiences. My hope is that we have stories of pride, of challenges, of experiences. I also would love it if they were handwritten. I believe this makes things more “real” for those who will read your thoughts. Please email me (susan@createart4good.org) for the address of where to send your missives and also fee free to share this.

I very much appreciate your help- I believe this will be a very powerful showing. The “un”official opening is April 26th and the official opening will be May 2. Details to follow.
military icons

Thank you for your help-
blessings to you, and my gratitude for all you do.

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The art of change

I know it’s been a while. Please forgive me. It’s certainly not that you haven’t been on my mind- but life seems to have taken a turn and I needed to catch up with the changes that it presented to my world. I sit here now trying to find the new normal.
Trying to accept the change- it’s not easy

The last time I wrote life was very different. You see two and a half weeks ago, my beloved father passed away very suddenly.
yes. It was completely unexpected. No… I am not okay.

But… we find a way to get up every day and move on with life. I am learning to now.
NEVER in a million years did I think I would have to face this change so soon. I fully expected to have at least another twenty or so more years with my father
It seems heaven had other ideas.

I don’t want this blog to be a pity party, but I do want acknowledge that one of the most important people in my life has passed.
while things are incredibly different, I know that I am supposed to stay committed to the mission- believe and keep working for good.

My father was an incredible support of Create Art 4 Good. He EVEN bought a beautiful piece of art from one of my artists through my studio. He gave the studio the gold star of approval before the dust was even removed from the previous owner. We spoke nearly daily about my business plan, ideas for success, and hopes for the next step.
He used to say to me, “Susan, you will never be rich, but you WILL be happy.”

He’s right.

I have to admit, the last few weeks have made me question everything about my life. The good news is, I still believe I am on the right path. I am more convicted than ever that Create Art 4 Good is my mission, and I am dedicated to the success of my artists, my charities and my mission.

The difference is…I not only am doing this because I believe it is my vocation. I am doing it most specifically in honor of my father and my mother. The people who taught me everything about taking care of your fellow human.

At my father’s funeral, a dear friend of his who also celebrated the mass of celebration called my father “a humble holy man”. His words ring true to me.
My father would do anything for anyone who needed it. In his lifetime he built garages and churches, managed factories, sat on countless boards and gave back to his community in profound ways.
I hope that my dear father will look down upon me to see me working hard for my fellow human, pure of heart and dedicated to the mission.

As far as this change?
Certainly my life has changed- however, my mission has not.
I take comfort in the fact that the mission I began with my father’s blessing will continue to honor and keep him – he was my favorite consultant
forever in my heart-

I wish you peace

daddy and I

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Please be informed that all events and gallery hours are cancelled until March 27th, 2014

All events including the 6×6 swap, Mandala workshop, Artist swap and Ladies Accessories swap will be rescheduled.
Thank you
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for the love & art of Mandala!

As you know, (if you know anything at all about me) I am passionate about the art of mandala. HERE is your opportunity to see the incredible wonder of a mandala being created in the community by Tibetan Monks. I have had the honor in the past and look forward to this opportunity as well.
Please take a chance and witness this- it IS AMAZING!

Warm up for the event at Nazareth college by creating your own mandala at Create Art 4 Good Studios on March 20th.
email susan@createart4good.org to register!

here are the details!Meditation Massage MandalaMarch

Nazareth Hosts Tibetan Monks for Sand Mandala and Lecture

Event Location: 4245 East Avenue, Rochester, N.Y. 14618

Nazareth College is pleased to collaborate with Brighton Pathways to Health to welcome the Dalai Lama’s monks from the Namgyal Monastery in Ithaca, N.Y. for a three day sand mandala event and a lecture from April 2-4. On all three days, the monks will be sand painting in the Lorette Wilmot Library located on Nazareth’s campus. Lama Geshe Lobsang Dakpa will be presenting his lecture, Loving Kindness and Compassion, at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 3 to the Nazareth and Rochester communities in the Otto A. Shults Center Forum. The lecture is free to current Nazareth students, faculty and staff (can reserve tickets through website or at the door). Pricing for community members is as follows:

• $15.00 general admission in advance through website
• $20.00 general admission at the door
• $7.00 for all students (other than Nazareth students) at the door
All proceeds from the event will go to the building of a Tibetan Monastery in the Ithaca community, which will be the first Tibetan Monastery in the region and the only Namgyal Monastery in the United States. Sand painting is free and open to the public. To purchase tickets or for more information, please visit www.nnsm.org or call (585) 317-7060.

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6 x 6 party!

Greetings all!
Please gather your art supplies, a fun munchie to share and/or something to drink, Join me at Create Art 4 Good Studios to create a few 6″ x 6″ pieces of art to support Rochester Contemporary.
Wednesday, March 19 6-9PM @Create Art 4 Good Studios- 1115 East Main Street- Rochester, NY 14609- Door #5- Suite #201
Our evening begins at 6pm and ends around 9 ish (5am comes mighty early!) Please RSVP Susan@createart4good.org by Tuesday 3/18 evening Thank you!

6 x6

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The art of growth

just before I say goodnight

The journey isn’t always an easy one. There are good days and more challenging ones. There is new life, death, both life giving events and altering events, and challenges along the way.

It’s interesting. My “bad” days used to rob me of perspective. I’d drop like a rock. Now, (most days) I see that I am able to take that bad day and learn from it. If I cannot learn, I at the least find something to be grateful for. In the darkness I still have the great hope of light. Before this it just seemed like deep darkness. Age and experience seem to have become my friend, at least a little bit.

This is growth.
I am grateful.

This winter has been a very difficult one. As of this writing I been to more funerals in the last four months than I typically go to in an entire year. I try diligently not to be selfish but of course I don’t always succeed. All too often I find myself re-mourning my own intimate losses while trying to help others around me deal with theirs. It’s an interesting process, I am sure I learn something new each time I revisit my own sadness- even though I am quite certain I’d rather not relearn. The darkness isn’t usually as dark as it was the first time.

This is growth,
I am grateful.

This is something I have learned. There are days that ARE very dark, and even though there were times I was certain the sun wouldn’t come up because I felt so broken- It always has. I am reasonably certain it probably always will. (we won’t get into the end of the world or anything this is actually supposed to be a little uplifting) That said, if you KNOW the sun is always going to come up, that should lead you to understand that even on the darkest of moments, a new one is around the corner.

This is growth,
I AM grateful.

So take heart. Daylight will dawn – even after the darkest of days. I KNOW some days (weeks/months….) your heart is broken. But after it cannot get any darker, you will understand that a new day means new opportunity… you have to take the chance on hope. Find what you are grateful for, have perspective, it all invites the light into the darkness- it inspires hope.

I invite you to grow
and be grateful.

In Peace,

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The art of a little bit of wonder

It’s about the journey, yes, true. It’s about the moment. Even MORE true. Today has been full of “moments” for me.

I find more and more that I appreciate the “flavor” of a single moment. a breath really. I find it to be nearly a tiny miracle from which I am so filled with awe.

This morning, my granddaughter accompanied my sweet son to visit me at work. I began my work day reading a book to her. It was such an incredible moment to me. It felt like eating a giant delicious cupcake BEFORE dinner. I was able to spend a moment with one of my favorite humans while I was supposed to be WORKING! It was glorious. I suppose it didn’t hurt that she was beyond so damn cute.

The day moved on and there were many moments of wonder. I connected with several co-workers on different topics. Some just needed someone to care about them and their stressful situations, some shared ideas, some relayed a treasured story. I am in awe of the human spirit and how some don’t even realize how incredible they are. It’s an honor to witness.

I received an e-mail from someone who is clearly a benefactor and probably one of my most spirited cheerleaders. She’s simply amazing. She is a fascinating soul, an incredible hostess and a sweet woman. She wants to have yet another luncheon and invite several artists to meet me. She is nearly aggressive in her support. It’s incredibly wonderful. She signed her mail, “among those who adore you”…. how does it get better?

Not all moments of wonder are easy. I lost my mother four years ago this week. Today I find myself missing her dearly, wishing to have another conversation, or serve her a wonderful mother’s day meal with lobster and yummy things. I found a photo of her along with my sister and myself. It was such a PURE moment of joy that even in my sadness, I find joy.

Tonight, I took the night off. No work, no publicity, no nothing… my husband and I took the time to run an errand and have dinner. It took me nearly half of the dinner to sort of decompress. Then I found it wonderful to just take a moment and catch up, enjoy the food and not rush off to the next task. I LOVE the gallery and all that goes with it (well most) but I loved that moment too. Just taking a moment…to breathe.

Tonight I came home to find myself in a wonderful conversation with my son and husband. There was laughter, and connection- a beautiful thing. I found support in my mailbox and texts on my phone. The moment was FULL of wonder.

I wish you the ability to appreciate every delicious moment of your life. Some are more difficult than others, but all are worthy of your notice.

and I said to myself …what a wonderful world.
I wish you peace-

SACD icon

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The of Create Art 4 Good

Urban suburban show press1

So…. Why did I begin Create Art 4 Good ? I did so to support you. Your art, your dreams. I did so to invest in people trying to follow their hearts and make a difference. Create art 4 good continues to pay it forward- artists are invited to submit work for the February Show entitled ” For the LOVE of (SUB)urban art ” – a portion of the profits are donated to Dimitri House. Your art, your purchases make a difference. These are real people we will help TOGETHER ! This, my friend, is why I began Create Art 4 Good.

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The art of the inspired- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today many of us find ourselves with a day off from our usual routines. But like other such “legal holidays” I wonder if we pause to reflect on the purpose of that bonus day. There are several posts of facebook referencing quotes by Dr.King, I noticed NPR mentioned several opportunities to honor him, even Sunday’s newspaper listed a few gatherings around the city. Yet, how many of us will truly take the time to honor this great man?

As someone who was only six when Dr. King was assassinated, I can say that I feel his timeless impact. While my knowledge of him obviously does not come first hand, it shines from the powerful recordings of his speeches, history lessons, literature and my own imitative to study the life an actions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. One of the things that strikes me most is how horrifically Dr. King was treated as a human being and yet his unwavering faith and conviction on how to live his life, serve others, his code of non-violence and diligent efforts to make a difference. Ultimately he paid the for his convictions with his life, an effort to extinguish his great light- Yet rest assured, his light glows on.

The journey I am on at times seems forever uncertain. I certainly would never compare myself to the incredible Dr. King, however I am trying to do what I believe is right and sometimes it takes more than a pocket full of faith to do so. I hold Dr. King as a profound inspiration as I do find both comfort and courage in his words. Dr. King did what he knew in his soul he should do. He served, he inspired, he walked in the light. This is what any of us could hope to live our lives.

Among the countless inspirations in Dr.King’s legacy I find of late his words truly manifest for me the intentions of my heart. Create Art 4 Good is the way I choose to try to make a difference in the world. Dr. King suggested the smallest of actions could make a difference. Like the pebble thrown in the water, the waves are far reacingl

These words- are so profound to me and are exactly what I needed to hear today.

One of the profound lessons here is that we continue to be inspired by a man who has not walked among us since 1968. I am sad that Dr. King’s dreams are not fully realized, but I am inspired by the fact that he fought without fighting, he inspired countless with his dedication to peace and humility and his legacy lives on.

Take a chance today. Take one step on the staircase- your dreams ARE within your grasp. Have faith, my friend… even if you cannot see the entire staircase, your journey begins with one step.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King- thank you for the inspiration you continue to be.
In Peace,

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The art of being faithful to the journey

So this morning, as I prepared for work, I began thinking of all the different facets of my life. Sometimes it all seems like a crazy merry-go-round, other times it feels like a well mapped out journey. Either way, I am confident to say that I am where I am supposed to be.

I haven’t always

Hopelessly empty







Sometimes it is difficult to trust the path we are on. I think for me I was worried I took a side road that really wasn’t meant to be on my path. But now, in this place, I really do believe that everything happens for a reason, everything makes sense, at least at some point and it’s okay to trust that plan even though I don’t seem to know what comes next always. I feel like my life is some orchestrated movie and I am only given the script when I REALLY need to have it. At the end of most of the scenes, I have these little “ah ha” moments and I understand.

Recognizing this has given me the ability to hold on in the dark times. Even since opening this gallery- (which have I mentioned lately that DREAMS COME TRUE?! -but I digress), there have been dark times. Obstacles that seem much bigger than I possess the tools to fix, or moments of doubt- after all who am I to be bold enough to capture and live in my dreams? It’s a process. Sometimes the dark times ARE really, really dark, but the cool thing about the universe is so far the sun comes up every single time. This gives new perspective and new life to whatever challenge we might be facing.

So in any journey there are good and difficult times. bumps in the road and rainbows- it is your mission to just keep holding on. It’s your job to grow from the less desirable moments and make something better of your situation.

It’s up to you, really. Will you throw in the towel every time things get a little rough? Or will you hold on tight to the string that holds the balloon that is your dream and follow it through the darkness.

I promise. Morning light is coming- be faithful, be strong and take the chance – you will be happy you did.
In peace,
Good Morning

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