Day 82 of 100 days



These 82 days have been some of the most amazing of my life.
I feel like someone has woken me up from a coma.
They say when you are in a coma you may recognize much of what is going on around you
but I am betting you don’t actually attach to it much.
The past 82 days have taught me to be still and listen
they have taught me to SEE to full picture not just my limited view point

they have taught me that miracles happen

They have taught me that paying attention to the beauty
the joy
the gifts around me
make the big mountains not so hard to climb.

They have taught me that determination
and perseverance are the key to the joys I want in my life.

These 82 days have been a gift
EACH and every one.

Do not misunderstand.
There have been amazing joyful days
and there have been days of heart ache

EACH has been a gft.

Each to be appreciated.


These 82 days have changed my life
fueled my passion
and renewed my soul.

I invite YOU to take your own journey.
The revelations will be astounding
Just pay attention-
we miss so much when we are in that coma

good luck.




Day 60 of 100 days….

As I mourn the loss of my father, I find that this journey takes many unexpected turns. It’s truly not a linear path.
Just when I attach to the idea that this is a difficult time, and I am not only permitted, but perhaps even encouraged to embrace the difficult moments and work through them, another surprise catches me off guard.
Today, while taking a trip along a similar path that I have taken countless family trips with my family, I found myself reminiscing about those very trips. I smiled quietly at the traditions begun and carefully kept. I became teary-eyed at not being able to call my father to report on the progress of the trip.
The journey was not just one of about 326 miles, it was also one of inhaling the moments treasured and not forgotten, loss felt deeply and love for a man that filled my world with joy.
I miss my father more than I know how to express, but I am grateful to have had such an amazing man to call daddy.

5 and 9

it’s 8:13 am and I already feel like I have “learned”
or grown

I feel as though my entire world is much clearer now
it is all entirely because of this journey

We move too quickly in life
It is not JUST about slowing down
to smell the roses
It is about all the life we miss
when we rush
and tick off the next task on our giant to do list

Today is another busy day for me
I have decided to not allow it to stress me
To really enjoy what I am doing, experiencing
I WANT to have a good day
I don’t need to complain about what doesn’t go perfectly
I am appreciating the moments
whatever that might be.

I wish you the same
Appreciating every moment.


Hope cropped web

fifty- eight

I found today that the needs of my heart spoke louder than the needs of my environment
Let me explain

It was a “to do” day
There was a GIANT ist on my docket from very early in the morning
This would likely include no studio time.
I tried to get the computer “stuff” done early
which wasn’t difficult, or maybe it was-
(my computer crashed RIGHT in the middle of my work!)
I did not let this get to me (TOO much)
I loved on with the list-

I couldn’t move quickly enough
It Occurred to me
that indeed I had an entire grocery list of things to do
but also
I NEEDED some creative time too.

My time with a paint brush is also time with my spirit
I feel at times I pray best when I am painting.
I took a step back,
found some watercolors
and played a bit.

It was like taking a HUGE deep breath
I was centered
I was whole,
the “to do” list didn’t seem nearly as scary.


Don’t forget to take care of yourself just a wee bit
it makes all the difference in the world.
wishing you BIG deep breaths!

fifty-four & more

Fifty four days of awareness
Keeping in mind there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for
ALWAYS lessons to be learned.
Sometimes these lessons are like neon signs
sometimes it takes a bit. I have to listen, closer

Some times I DO glorify the art of “busy”
I forget
Sometimes life is to stop
be aware
maybe even PLAY

and today that is what I did.
So blessed to be called, “Nana”

enough said.


When I am inspired, I feel powerful
I feel like I can take on the world
and SHOULD take on the world.
Then reality seeps in…
(read the word DOUBT for reality)
and there you have it
another inspiration squandered.
this was a real struggle
I felt SO inspired just about 24 hours ago
then over thinking crept in
and well.
another perfectly good inspiration left by the side of the road

this time however,
the Universe
my “support team”
everyone else had another idea
I believe because I am actually paying attention
I received confirmation after confirmation
to STOP the doubts
and go with the inspiration

LISTEN to your heart-
follow your dreams-

heart whispers

Today is about working
believing the unbelievable
seeing success in the dust
taking risks because I NEED to
and not looking back

Sometimes it is a decision,
not a “feeling”
today- this is my decision


the Art of life & watercolor

There is no other way to say it!

Please forgive me for shouting….

I remember when I first began “playing” with watercolor
It was scary. My work was awful, but I admit, I was intrigued.

Over the many years I have explored the world of art
I have flirted with watercolor on and off.

I don’t honesty think it was as scary as I thought,
I think I was just getting in my own way
(None of us EVER do that, right?!)

I’ve grown, I have learned
Each time I pick up a paint brush drench it in water
and choose a beautiful color,
I fall in love with the wonder of color all over again.

Watercolor can be intoxicatingly translucent
or deep and rich, thick color
or anywhere in between
it is whatever I CHOOSE it to be.

Sort of like life-
It’s all a dance- you choose the music, you choose the steps
then the magic happens.

These days I am choosing that my days are full of color
I inhale deeply, dance wildly and sing at the top of my lungs.

My heart has NEVER known such freedom, such joy.

Do not misunderstand.
Life is NOT perfect, nor is it completely neat and wonderful
It’s down right messy at times


But I am doing my best to NOT get in my own way anymore.

the thing is, life and watercolor can be anything you want it to be.
It’s all how you handle it,
it’s all where you want to take it.

while working – my chosen media was watercolor
I was experimenting with a new idea-
One that has been rolling around in my head for probably years

Yesterday I was willing to take the chance to try
The first attempt was scary
I wasn’t sure it was going to pan out
The second was better,
third even better
and by the fourth… well… I was inlove

I felt like I had realized what was in my head for far too long
Fireworks exploded!
the Music got louder
It was nothing short of amazing.

What did I learn?
Taking chances isn’t a brave thing to do,
it’s a necessity.
Life won’t paint itself
You choose the colors, the method and the investment

then beautiful things will happen.

wishing you courage and a big sloppy palette in which to create your beautiful world
May YOU find you are inlove with your life and your palette-

In Peace and wonder,

and then there was fifty-three

Alrighty- time to get to work-
I admit I am moving incredibly slowly today.
My head is pounding (second migraine this week)
and while my mood is generally just fine, I pretty much want to stay in bed.

I run a few errands, and arrive in my studio about noon.

I looked around.
It was all a bit untidy

The echos from the workshop the night before still sat in conversation on the worktables

I didn’t want to clean.
So I didn’t

I sat down, and for the first time in a very long time, I KNEW what to do.
There was no question.
I got some tools out of my card catalog drawers
and then went to work.


In the beginning there were some technical issues (aren’t there ALWAYS?) but honestly it was like unwrapping a Christmas gift.
It was thrilling…
Suddenly before my eyes I had work I was proud of.
Work that probably in reality has taken me 30 years of practice just flowed out.

It was magical-
and yes, I AM grateful.

wishing you the magic-

fifty one plus one

Today is a better day-
I think that sometimes you just have to let go of those weights you carry around even a little bit, and well, it clears the path for something better.
For me working in a non cluttered environment coupled with complete access to ALL of the quirky art supplies I desire to work with at any given moment-
If you are an artist, you KNOW that what I am saying is the truth.

Today was about cleaning and organizing.
that is JUST what I did.


Nearly every drawer has something in it now-

blog 2

and tomorrow I will work!

(grateful/organized= happy!)