Happy birthday, Create Art 4 Good

Nine years ago, I jumped into the most glorious journey. I decided to begin the business of my dreams. It was important to me that I was able to bring all of me to the table. Artist, entrepreneur, community advocate, humanitarian and well.. you get the idea. I feel we are so fragmented in life; I wanted to share all the positive things I try to be. I wanted to create an environment that would not only help me to be successful, but also artists that I would choose to represent. 

And it happened. 

In the last six years I have written, re-written and adjusted my business plan eight times. Some were minor, some a little more. 

I have represented over three hundred artists (as well as myself!)

I have donated a portion of each and every sale to over seventeen different charities. 

I have facilitated children’s events, adult events, surprise parties, not so surprise parties, fund raisers, pop up art events, paint and pour events, openings, meetings, workshops, classes, charity events, and artist talks. 

I have had the distinct honor of hosting Louise Slaughter. 

I have been honored with several awards, newspaper and magazine articles. I am humbled by the support for this business in our community. 

I have grown, transitioned, and adjusted. I have learned several things that don’t work so well and so many things that work really well! 

I have been so incredibly blessed. 

Today- we celebrate, tomorrow, we get back to work. Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for supporting this work in progress, for showing up for workshops, for creating blessing bags, for having your mother’s surprise party here. Thank you for dropping in just to see how I am doing, for supporting the art and the artists. Thank YOU for the blessing you are to me. 

Today the gallery will be open from 11 am until 6 pm . If you come to visit, I will give YOU a birthday gift of 10% off your purchase. (my artists will get their entire commission, I promise) Also buy one get one free photo prints. Sound good? GREAT- come see me.  I look forward to our visit. 

Now help yourself to a cupcake! 

with love and big huge gratitude. 


Marisa Bruno

Once in a while you meet someone who is alarmingly together at a young age. They have a sense of who they are, they share that consistently, they seem to not be fearful of their own potential. Marisa is that person. 

Marisa, like each of my artists went through the jury process. She submitted photographs of her work, an artist statement, and a statement of intent. The jury hands down approved her work for exposition. Friday night, you will understand why. 

Marisa is a young artist, however her work ethic, her ideas and her spirit are MUCH older. Marisa is gracious and honest, she is full of life and wisdom. 

Her exhibit-” Barrier” is a big risk. Our idea of “beauty” is pushed a little. I find this work enchanting, real and honest. 

I hope you will join me tomorrow for Marisa’s opening. You will get to meet this incredible artist and take in her work. I promise, you will leave with a different view of life all together. 

 Barrier addresses time and change and its unique effects on our skin and body. Traditionally, the scars and imperfections gathered over a lifetime are hidden or masked. These paintings challenge this trend, reveling in color and texture in celebration of the regenerative and protective nature of the body. In short they describe the truth of the skin; neither perfect, nor smooth, but a unique shield and barrier.


Create Art 4 Good donates a portion of each sale to a local charity, Marisa’s charity of choice will be Boaters Against Cancer. Visit their website! 

Exhibition Open:
August 4 6-9 pm,
August 12, 10 am-3 pm,
August 10, 17 & 24 from 4-6 pm 

by chance or by appointment





Going off the grid

Greetings my wonderful and amazing art family. 

First, thank you for your constant and loving support – I appreciate you! Also, I am taking a break from the big grid. I want to make art, read a book, breathe just a little. 

The gallery is CLOSED until the opening on August 4, at 6pm- Marisa’s work IS incredible! Please come…. 

sending you much love and wishing you the courage to take a moment to breathe as well. Take a moment to smell the roses, count the daisies, or bake a cupcake! 

Love & Peace and all that good stuff, Susan

Opening tonight! Postcards from the Heart

The gallery awaits the final touches- so I will be brief. 

I make my way in the world by following my heart. If you read my post from a week ago, you know that this exhibit is no exception. Why I began Create Art 4 Good in the first place is I wanted to do what I love and try to make a difference. I cannot tell you the joy I have when my hands (arms, clothes) are messy because I was painting, mono printing or the like. I cannot tell you the joy I have when new designs I have created come from the printer and I tuck in an envelope to package them for your patronage. ART to me is breathing, it is life, it is even amazing when things to flow or work well. ART IS MY OXYGEN!

I am well aware however, that art has power. Art can be generous, art can be opportunity. 

The artists that have supported this project each have their own relationship with art. I will not presume to understand their response to the creative act. However, I DO, appreciate with my full heart how generous they are. As artists we are constantly asked to give a piece of art to support this or that. At times, to be honest, it gets old. I have personally felt under valued, like my work isn’t real because I am not a CFO of a major corporation. Yet here I stand before you (okay, I am sitting) asking artists, and lovely humans alike to create a piece of art to help support families in need. 

and they responded beautifully. 

Tonight is about paying it forward. It is about sharing love, it is about seeing the need and answering. 

“When I was hungry, you gave me to eat.”

I hope that you will find it in  your heart to come tonight. The air conditioning will be on. The water will have lemons in it, and my wall will be covered in love. Beautiful frame-able art created by an amazing girl scout troop, incredible art students, professional artists and all good souls. Honor them, honor the Irondequoit Community Cupboard and let’s do good work. 

Blessings & big huge love, 



Post cards, love and dreams

Last year when I was planning the 2017 exhibit schedule, I easily filled in most of the dates rather quickly. July remained unclaimed. But, I know people travel and don’t always want to commit to putting up a huge exhibit during a vacation month. Without panic or concern I decided to take a step back and think about it for a while. I had several ideas, but none of them were “singing” to me. I knew I had to be patient and let the thoughts perk for a bit. 


One morning I wrote down the date of the opening. 7.7.17

HOLY WOW! (yes, I do say things like that sometimes.) It was not only singing; it felt as if the entire church choir sang to me! 

I believe that in life we pick up tools, we use them when the situation presents itself, and well until them, we might actually store them in the resource box somewhere. I feel like everything I do these days is guided and gifted.

One of the charities, I hold dear, is the Irondequoit Community Cupboard. The ICC is one of my chosen charities. While it seems popular to give to places such as these at the holidays, there is profound need 365 days a year. At this time of year, the shelves can get a little bare. The children are home, and not at school. They are not receiving the opportunity to have breakfast and lunch at school. This doesn’t even begin to address that when children are not occupied for most of the day they claim they are “bored”. I don’t know about your children, but mine would eat us out of house and home when they were bored. 

and then it hit… Children are hungry SEVEN days a week. 7.7.17

So… I started talking about it. I picked up some of those tools I have acquired and I got down right bold! I spoke with Debbie Evans who tirelessly runs the ICC. She was in favor so that gave me permission to proceed.

 I began asking for artwork. I posted, and re-posted. I asked friends near and far to contribute. Each response was positive. The idea was catching on. 

Cut to a year or so later. The mail began to come. I received post card art from friends as far away as Pennsylvania, and as close as just a whisper down the road. Art came from those closest to me, and friends I have never met. One envelope I opened had post cards from a local GirlScout Troop. I admit, that one made me cry. Artists near and far all stepped up to the plate! It was fantastic! 

I actually extended the deadline- people wanted to contribute but life always seems to get in the way. Patience paid off! It was amazing! 

Now, we proceed to July 7th. Kids ARE hungry 7 days a week. The opening is at 6pm. Now the success belongs to those who enter the gallery and spend at least $10 to support the work of Debbie Evans and all those at the ICC. 

PLEASE come- PLEASE bring cash- please help us help others. 

I will see you soon- 

full with post cards, love and dreams, 


a celebration of Create Art 4 Good

Last Autumn I received a lovely email from someone asking if she could do a documentary on Create Art 4 Good. What a beautiful surprise! 

I was blown away. 

I had no idea how blown away I would ultimately be. 

My experience with Katie was wonderful. If you know anything about me, you know that I really like being BEHIND the camera, never in front of it. Even worse to be filmed- dear goodness!

But Katie made it easy. It was like having a conversation. There were times while she was filming that I didn’t even remember she was there! I remember one afternoon I was painting and then I moved my head and BAM she was about four inches from my face. EEK (I don’t think that made the film)

Katie was sweet, respectful and unassuming about this entire process. It was fairly painless in spite of ME. This week, Katie shared her work. Mark my words, Kaitlyn Emerson is a wonder and there will be many good works from this talented artist. I am honored she spent so much time with me and my beautiful vocation. 

Please take the time to view the film. (it’s less than eleven minutes!) 

Create Art 4 Good Film – K. Emerson

The Art of Authenticity


The Art of Authenticity

Artist Talk by Sarah Derrenbacher

   Join us on May 25 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. at Create Art 4 Good as Sarah shares the intimate journey of her body of work, “Feminine Rising.”

Come and engage in collaborative dialogue about authentic living and creating! Find out more about the painting technique, style, and process and make a small painting to take home.

Space is limited. Free of charge. Please RSVP using the link below!



Sarah Derrenbacher

Sarah’s exhibit opened up last Friday night. To share with you that it was so well received would be completely modest.

She is such a deep soul. This work reflects that so well. 

I could write a really long blog about this. About the opening

But honestly- her work should speak for itself. I hope you find the time to visit.


So here we go. It seems that life, my own included, is so insanely busy. 

Who needs that?

It occurs to me that a little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way. I know for me, if I get a text or an email saying someone is thinking of me, I smile wide

If I receive a card in the mail, I all but want to have a parade! 

Tonight we begin a concentrated effort on introducing the thoughtfulness project

Stay tuned!