with honor-

I am deeply honored to share with you that Congresswoman Louise Slaughter will be coming to my gallery tomorrow. Mrs. Slaughter intends to speak about the challenges women face in the arena of small business. I look forward to hearing her thoughts and hosting her in my beautiful gallery space.

Mrs. Slaughter took office at a time when it was difficult for women to make their mark with any sort of ease in the big world. As a young woman, I was inspired by Mrs. Slaughter. She has served with tenacity in a way which I have always admired. She has empowered me and no doubt countless others to follow their dreams by serving with strength and courage.

(I’m excited! THE Congresswoman is coming to MY SPACE!)


July exhibit

July CA4G

The exhibit continues! Make an appointment to embrace this profound exhibition.

585.210.3161 – call or text- exhibit is open by appointment and by chance in addition to regular hours. Check the facebook page for times during the week, too!

Also, participate in a community mandala for peace- see the studio for further details!

Welcome to my friend, Stefani Tadio

So 9-10 months ago I was having a cup of tea and I was thinking about the spring schedule for my gallery. Suddenly it occurred to me that I had a friend who was down right brilliant at one of my most passionate avenues of art: the art of Mandala. A week from Friday – Stefani Tadio and I will joyfully share our work at Create Art 4 Good. Visual Meditations will open and hang for the month of June.

I met Stefani one evening when she graced my studio inviting me to become a member of her organization, Rochester Artisans. She was kind, proactive and thoughtful in every single dealing we had together. Rochester Artisans has been a lifeline to me and my business. Stefani is not only talented, but gracious- her work is spectacular. I pray you find the time to join us for this collaborative event.

A little about Stefani:

Stefani Tadio is a self-taught paper artist specializing in original designs stitched on paper with colorful specialty threads and embellished with beads, crystals and metallic paint.

Her work combines technology with the artisan tradition.  Stefani creates her designs on a computerized cutting machine, which cuts the shapes and the tiny stitching holes. She then stitches each piece by hand with needle and thread, one stitch at a time.

Most recently, Stefani has enjoyed using old books and maps, using Kirigami & quilling techniques to create flowers, candle holders and more.

She sells her handcrafted goods through art fairs and local stores; see her website for more information: www.stefanitadiopaperart.com.

When not making her own art, Stefani is busy with related activities. She is the founder of Rochester Artisans, a networking group with over 2500 members. She also curates the art displays at Fairport Pharmacy & Gift Shop.


Lynne Riley- Alivewire- Guest Artist @ Create Art 4 Good in May!


Lynne Riley of Alivewire will open Friday,  May 6th!

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynne one evening when she came to participate in creating blessing bags for the homeless. Lynne and I had a lovely conversation which then gave me the opportunity to learn about her love and creation of jewelry. Oh so talented!

Lynne will not only be sharing her jewelry with you this May for the entire month, she will also be teaching a bangle workshop on the 17th! She will guide you through creating  your own beautiful bangle in her style. Please reserve your spot today!


Create Art 4 Good Welcomes – Catherine Wu


Create Art 4 Good welcomes the Art of Catherine Wu for the month of April 2016. Catherine’s exhibit,” Explorations” opens Friday, April 1st, at 6pm.                                         The opening reception will be from 6-9pm

Catherine Wu, a high school junior, has been a nature lover all her life. Since she was able to hold a pencil she has been drawing animals. Catherine’s inspiration has continued while spending time in museums, zoos and aquariums, Catherine always has a sketchbook in hand ready to create to honor what she observes. She embraces the art of life, depicting landscapes, human form, plants and animals. Catherine’s profound interest in the natural sciences have become a powerful tool to assist her in her art. She believes that understanding animals and not only their biology but also their environments helps her bring them to life in her art. Catherine works primarily two dimensionally in traditional media such as ink, pencil, watercolor, acrylic and marker. She also enjoys working digitally to create her beautiful works of art.

Catherine’s exhibit  will be available throughout the month of April. The exhibit will be open April 1st 6-9PM, April 9th -10 am until 3PM, and Thursdays- April 7, 14, 21 and 28 from 4-6pm. Additional opportunities can be made by appointment or by chance!

Please contact Susan Carmen-Duffy for appointments or questions. Susan@CreateArt4Good.org or 585.210.3161

The art of Mandala

Mandala has been a love of mine for decades now. I can still remember how I felt the first time I created one, might I add, completely by accident. For me, it is a spiritual gift that is an active prayer.

In June, I have invited a friend to join me in an exhibition of Mandalas. My friend, Stefani Tadio creates them with paper and thread, so exactly and perfect- incredibly beautiful! Mine will be mixed media, some painted, some inked and well, you will just have to come and see what else might be in store for you.

I do however want to share some of my excitement over this month. I would like to invite you to come create a mandala in the tradition of the Tibetan monks. Bring your intentions and create with beautiful colors in sand, your active prayer. I will walk you through each step. We will create together and you will give honor with each grain of sand you lay down to your intentions.

I honestly cannot wait. 

Please reserve your spot today- I will see you soon-

with great big love –


Mandala Invitation June

blessing bags

About two years ago, I began a practice of creating small bags full of practical items to hand out to the homeless I often meet. I DETEST the idea of driving past without a kind word or something to share. I have given food I had in the car, or even purchased something to come back and share. I am frustrated when I have nothing to give. NO MATTER what is going on in my day, I am pretty sure that my day is going much better than those who have no home.

A few times now, friends and strangers have gathered in my studio, each bringing something to the table. food, drinks, bandaids, soaps, whatever!  Each time it has been a wonderful experience. Each time I am in awe of the kindness that lives in people’s hearts.

Tonight, I once again witnessed the generosity of souls. Several people donated items to me before tonight’s event, those who attended were incredibly generous AND spent time making “love notes” for the homeless bags, then  took time to bag separately toiletries ( as to not make the snacks taste icky) and then create a bag full of good things, socks, toothbrushes, chapstick, washcloths, granola bars, snack foods, juice boxes and more. I saw women who did not know each other share their time to create these bags for people they have not yet met. They did so joyfully and with generosity.

When you worry that people are broken and cannot show love without hope of something in return, I invite you to attend one of these events- You will know unselfishness. You will see beauty.

Unfortunately there seems to always be those in need- so we will have another event soon.

Wishing you peace-


blessing bags 3 16







Photo Credit- Tonia Capone