Brett Baker- March- Brett Baker Designs

Jewelry Artisan for March

“As a person I have always been fascinated with aesthetics and the design surrounding everything in my life from the mundane to the luxurious. The older I became and the more I learned, I realized there was so much potential in the artistry and craftsmanship of quality intimate objects that are pleasing to not only the owner but the viewer as well. Jewelry design really became what I’ve since focused on in order to create an unmistakable relationship between the wearer of my work and its audience. I am influenced by not only my surroundings, but also history, and even psychology and people overall. It is because of these fascinations and inspirations that my work has a much deeper meaning to it. The goal of my work is to make itself known. Most people accessorize based on situation or appearance, but my work has an understated yet commanding presence and makes an everlasting impression on its viewers and wearers. Being able to create high quality, practical pieces is what I do and will always be progressing my skill and knowledge not just in this field but elsewhere in order to gain a better understanding of the world and be able to draw more inspiration from it.” – Brett Baker