Jessie Marianacci Valone

Jessie shares this:

Objects tell a story. An object has the ability to transverse the space of habit and ritual.

Pottery narrates through the process in which the form was made, through the details of shape, through the surface information, through the subject matter of its function.  The story eludes to an experience and place.  Experiences are the way that we understand the world.

My pots are well crafted objects for use.They showcase the quality of the handmade and the value of working with our hands. I use simple glazes to accentuate the generous and sturdy form and quiet the surface, allowing for a focus on form without distraction. The surface’s painterly yet influenced by my graphic design background. Surfaces are pleasant, calm, stable, sturdy, generous, and clean. The work gives off a cool, refreshing feeling through the color palette I have chosen. The colors are these of natural elements, skyline, beautiful clouds, reflections in the lake, smooth river-stones in the creek-bed, waves crashing on the shoreline, reflections on the water or the inside of a seashell.

These are all places I pull inspiration from. The forms are sturdy, strong, generous and made for use. They are designed to be pleasant to look at and to function well. I hope that even the smallest of details such as the way the handle fits in your hand or the angle of the lip are pleasant areas for use. My pots allude to the industrial or commercial, they are familiar enough that people will relate to them but upon further inspection the hand and qualities that I put into my work are evident. Each step of the process during making is well considered.

Jessie Marianacci Valone- jmv ceramics