Jodie Marie Anne Richardson Traugott- March 2017

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“We are all leaves of a tree, and the tree is humanity.”

Pablo Casals
Trees and flowers were the first things                      I felt comfortable painting, 44 years ago.  How can you make a tree branch or flower petal WRONG?Nature has no perfectly straight branches like walls, nor a nose that might be too big-the bane of portrait painters! Whenever I feel stuck or can’t decide what  I want to paint next; I’ll paint a flower or tree and then I find a release for my artistic block.  It’s my break, my R&R, my comfort food. When I do paint tree portraits, I want to think that I can communicate with the trees; feel their thoughts, hear their dreams.I hope perhaps you also can feel and hear, besides see,my tree paintings.

I consider myself a Renaissance woman with my hand in many disciplines and a love for all artistic ways and means.  Because of that, my work is all over the map-in style, medium and intent. I look at that as a strength, not a weakness!

Jodie Marie Anne Richardson Traugott