Post Cards from the Heart- July 2017

It’s so interesting to me how when you ask for help, you ALWAYS get it.

Last year while thinking about the July 2017 exhibit-I was in a quandary about what magical exhibit I could share with Rochester, New York!  I wanted to make it something truly special. I go on leave from work at the end of June for the summer and have all kinds of ambition for the July exhibit (only working one full time job will do that for you) 

I started thinking about my charities and how I could help them. I know that summers can be so incredibly difficult for those who already struggle. The kids are home and well we all know how hungry they seem to be when they are not in school seven hours a day. Often places like the Irondequoit Community Cupboard (one of my treasured charities) struggle to meet the changing needs of families. I wanted to help. 

I thought about the opening of July’s exhibit- 7/7/17- There seemed to be something about that number for me. I wrote it down, I pondered for a bit and then it all seemed completely clear to me. 


The post card project was born.

So that help I mentioned? I put it out there- I asked my friends- artists and non proclaimed artists alike to help. I asked strangers. I put it out there. I made a print out that I handed pretty much anyone who came into my studio.

Guess what happened? The week after I asked – the VERY NEXT WEEK- I received post cards in the mail. I have been overwhelmed with the love of my community. Artist friends from Pennsylvania have come through, artists at the Hungerford, friends, family, students, a girlscout troop, people I have NEVER met have all come through. 

NOW it is your turn. I have an amazing collection of post cards and other goodies for you. Please come to Create Art 4 Good- 1115 E. Main street, door #5, suite #201 and spend at least $10 for a post card piece of art- all profits will be given to the Irondequoit Community Cupboard. Why? Because kids are hungry SEVEN days a week. 

See you soon!

Love & Peace- 


My Thanks to the artists that have been so generous:

 Brett GreimanSusan DarlingChristine Doersam Norris, Purple HippoLaura Robinson, the design/photo classes at IHS, Lauren Scherer Reinert, Girl Scout Troop 60622, Sabra WoodJeanne Raffer BeckSue Latterner EliaszChristine Carmen Baker MarriageMeghan Brown EstaqueJane Fletcher BeamishDenise DuellmanMichelle Frechette Ames, Hannah Beamish, Rina Miriam DrescherJodie Richardson TraugottSuzi Zefting Kuhn, Marlene Caroselli, Constance MauroStefani Tadio and Tony Zanni 

Please forgive me if I have neglected to mention someone!