Pop-up Irondequoit Art Market

Robin Salsbury, Bird Carver Extraordinaire                                                             Bird Carvings and Duck Decoys                                                                             

Robin shares this about his work,”My inspiration is the real bird, preferring local birds, for the most part, carving them in wood and painting them to capture the essence of the bird which includes placing them in a habitat they might be found in.”









Marian Bauman-O’Dell- Muddy Elephant Pottery


Marian shares, “I have been playing with clay for most of my life. I work with cone 6 and cone 10 clay bodies. Molded pieces are made from white clay slip. I am not a production potter. Each item is a “one-of-a-kind” piece. I let myself “communicate” with the clay from clump to final form. I have been enjoying altering thrown and hand-built forms for unique shapes and designs. My finished products are functional forms.”






Tom Zachman-Tom Zachman Glass


Tom shares, “I recycle wine bottles and driftwood in to wind chimes, I recycle bicycle parts into stained glass pieces.”







Kevin Tubiolo – TOTL Photography


Kevin describes his work, “Mostly local photos sold as greeting cards, framed and unframed prints. The photos are primarily printed on paper. There are some photos printed on metal and canvas.”













Jackie Salsbury-Wolf Paw Designs

Jackie is a jewelry designer and shares this about her work, “Inspired by the organic lines I see when walking in the woods, I choose stone and form metal to bring those sensibilities to my jewelry designs. I work most often in sterling silver and mokume gane with stones that reflect the hues found in nature. I’ve also begun incorporating glass created by local artists into my most recent work.”






Maureen Outlaw Church- Outlaw Church Fine Art


Maureen shares,”Encaustic wax painting, also known as hot wax painting, dates back to the Egyptian mummy portraits from the 1st Century B.C. Modern encaustic paints combine pigments with beeswax and damar resin. I use a heated electric pancake griddle for a palette and paint with natural bristle brushes on primed hardwood “cradle” panels. My paintings are float framed for protection, and to give each piece a finished look. In Sept. 2017, I traveled to Ireland for a two-week encaustic painting workshop. Naturally, just being in the settings of seaside cliffs, quaint, tiny towns, rolling meadows, and farms was plenty of inspiration for subjects to paint. After my return, I painted a series of encaustic Irish cottages. In oils, I painted from photographs I’d taken to create several landscapes. I also painted a portrait of a farm horse named Millie, who captured our hearts every morning at our bus stop.”
















Maia Horvath – Maia’s Ethereal Creations/ Heaven on Earth


Maia shares,” 

I have always created in some form or fashion. It has always been my safe haven and private place where I can fall into another realm which allows me to gain a perspective on life’s good and life’s hard situations. It may be that it’s a time to shut down the distractions, gain clarity and meditate.

When I was a young child, playing didn’t satisfy me like making stuff did.  Fortunately, my parents supported creativity and a family friend took me under her wing and taught me how to sew, macramé, etc.   I always found myself figuring out a way to create, even when I didn’t have traditional supplies or means. And so, I became innovative with my approach.

I don’t sleep well. I have a “Busy Brain”, many ideas and creative concepts come to me while I try to sleep, or in my dreams. How blessed am I, that I can get up in the morning and create my dreams?! I know God has a hand in my creative journey. There are times when creating that I don’t feel myself, it’s as if something else is laying down the paint, paper, or blending clay.  It is a mind-blowing experience!

Women tend to be the subjects in my artwork. Maybe it’s the curve of a woman’s body or the soft expressions in her face that appeal to me. There is a gentleness and an air of whimsy that I hope touches people in some positive way.  Part of my aesthetic is to upcycle/repurpose – canvases, frames, bottles and vases, jewelry, vintage lace, and trim etc. I love so many mediums that it’s difficult to just pick one, so I use many: paint, paper, found objects, and my favorite, Polymer Clay. I have focused on mastering polymer clay (still learning), it is magical! It is a very versatile medium which offers a way to incorporate details to some of my work. My works include mixed medium collages, Wall Dolls, Polymer Clay Ladies, and Jewelry”









Nancy Heise

A mixed media artist









Alex Cormier- Bar Stool Printing. 


Alex creates digitally printed images on metal, coasters, openers and more.









Sherri Cromwell – Sunroot Studio
I sell fine art prints, cards, and jewelry.
All my work reflects my love of Nature and celebrates Her beauty and wonder. 
My art is a retrospective of my inner spiritual journey past to present. My media is primarily pen & ink and watercolor. I love expressing the vibrant living energy of line and color. These media capture the living, flowing and whimsical imaginative quality of my technique. 
I am inspired by my connection to Nature. I express my fascination and imagination with the mystery of this communion, by combining the female form with the organic forms of plants and flowers.
My Jewelry features semi-precious stones, glass, and leather in unique designs. I partner with Nature to create designs that complement and enhance the stones natural beauty and asymmetry.

cromwell water faeries




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Irondequoit’s Pop-up Art Market

“Pop up”- Definition of Pop up: informal: to appear suddenly or unexpectedly



invite you to participate in

the SECOND ANNUAL Pop-up Art Market

You are invited to participate in a wonderful pop-art market in the heart of Irondequoit. Create Art 4 Good is joining forces with I-Square to create the second annual pop-up art market. This market will be held on I-Square property 775 Titus Avenue, Irondequoit, NY 14617 in a newly paved area near I-Square.

The Irondequoit Pop-Up Art Market seeks to share high-quality fine art and craft with the Irondequoit Community. This Art Market aims to support artists with a quality opportunity to share and sell their work.                                                                            This juried exhibition is sponsored by the owners of I-Square and Create Art 4 Good.

This finely curated exhibit will be held in cooperation with I-Square’s annual Fall Festival and will be held on Saturday, September 29th, 2018, from noon until 5pm. This fantastic event draws patrons to I-Square in Irondequoit to enjoy activities, music, great food and art!  Last year patrons were dazzled at the quality work the juried pop-up artists presented. It was a very successful event which has inspired the SECOND year!

Patrons will enjoy the fantastic fall festival which includes hayrides right to the doorstep of our Pop-Up Art Market. The market is a sponsored collaboration between I-Square and Irondequoit Resident Susan Carmen-Duffy who owns Create Art 4 Good, which currently resides (when not popping up elsewhere), at the historic Hungerford Building.


All correspondence and inquiries should be addressed to: Susan Carmen-Duffy: Susan@CreateArt4Good.org or 585.210.3161

In the “Pop-Up” world, things seem to move a little more quickly than usual so hold on tight! Here is the list of important dates that you will need to know to participate:

DEADLINES, DATES and DETAILS for The Pop-Up Irondequoit Art Market

  1. Application deadline August 25, 2018
  2. Notification of accepted artists no later than September 1, 2018
  3. You will be invoiced for show fees along with your acceptance letter.
  4. Invoice for fees associated are due no later than September 8, 2018.
  5. Fees not paid by September 12, 2018 will result in forfeiture of your secured booth for this exhibition and will be offered to someone else.
  6. It is possible to share a booth, however each party must apply for jury review. If both artists are accepted into the pop-up, the remaining details (amount of postcards, fees etc.) will be divided in half-the same details apply
  7. There are no early setups-there will be people available to help you unload your vehicle. Please mark your preferred time on your application and we will do our best to place you in that time slot.
  8. We WANT to promote you!  Please check all information for accuracy including your name as it should appear, address, phone numbers, email address and website.
  9. There will be no electricity. If you have electricity needs, please plan on using battery for power. No generators will be permitted.
  10. Upon acceptance, you will receive via email your vendor packet. This will confirm your setup times and other details that are helpful for your success.

GETTING THE WORD OUT: This exhibit will be advertised on both sponsor websites, as well as other opportunities in print, press releases and more. Each booth will receive a minimum of fifty postcards (unless you only want twenty-five) or even more if you wish! We are excited about this exhibit and we will shout it from the rooftops!


The Irondequoit Artist Market requires that work be originated with the artist. Work will not be accepted if it is created from commercial kits, patterns, stencils or molds; buy and sell items; imported items; beaded jewelry made solely by restringing commercially produced or purchased beads; or created using someone else’s designs. By submitting an application, each artist affirms that the work presented is original to the applicant. Prints are acceptable, however, your booth display should be a minimum of 70% original work. (this does not apply to photographers or printmakers)

Each booth will be a 10’ x 10’ space. Each artist is responsible for their own set up to include a tent, tables, and chairs. Each artist is required to keep all items within their booth space so that isle may be kept clear. Each artist will handle his/her own sales including appropriate sale tax. Each artist must display a NYS sales tax collection certificate.                             

Booth Fees:

  • $65 booth fee 10’ squared space
  • $75 corner booth fee:  10’ squared space
  • $35 Shared booth fee:  10’ squared space (applicants must have pre-determined someone to share a space with. Each accepted applicant will pay $35 for a total of $70.


The Pop-Up Irondequoit Art Market will not be responsible for damage, theft or loss. Each artist exhibits at his or her own risk and should carry appropriate insurance.  Neither the Create Art 4 Good nor I-Square is responsible for damage, theft or loss of an individual’s work.

You have been through all the details, are you ready for the fun?! JOIN US! This promises to be one amazing and successful exhibit

Application Form       

   Electronic notification: Acceptance notifications will be sent electronically; watch for yours via email. Space assignments and other pertinent information will be emailed in early September.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Susan – Susan@CreateArt4Good.org

Are you an artist and wish to take part?

 Find your application here

I look forward to working with you!