Pop-up Irondequoit Art Market

“Pop up”- Definition of Pop up

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We are having the first Pop-up Art Market!

Pop-Up Artists

Heather Behrendt

I create handmade lampwork glass beads and objects one by one in the torch. Designs are “drawn” onto the bead using hair thin pieces of glass called stringer that are applied in the flame. The glass is slowly cooled in a temperature controlled kiln until it is room temperature. I turn each glass piece into jewelry using my own handmade sterling silver components, found objects and copper electroforming techniques. For those of you who love my glass designs, but don’t wear jewelry, I also make unique pens, serving utensils, plant stakes and magnets.

Jennifer Buckley

Jennifer’s passionate interest in ceramics started when she took a pottery class as an elective during business school. She continued to study and practice ceramics while raising a family and working in food service management. Now retired, she works full-time in her studio, sharing her imaginative works with appreciative customers.

Jen creates functional pieces that help people set beautiful tables. These are inspired by her culinary career and her love of colorful gardens. Jen also is the owner of Garden Totem, a partnership started with her cousin. The whimsical ceramic totems she offers add wonderful decorative touches to outdoor living spaces and gardens.

Marianne Buscemi

I am a keeper and maker of things. I have been quilting and making little fabric art for 40 years. I now feel that at this time in my life,I have been given a gift to make some Art that tickles my heart and makes others smile and wonder. Using bits of my vast collection of fabric, beads, found objects etc. I am telling the stories of my heart. Reactions from real time Artists has been very positive and has encouraged me to continue on to follow my heart and passion. Working in my studio is where I am able to fulfill my passion and follow the gift of laughter and joy that God has put in my heart. I work because I must.

Susan Carmen-Duffy

I am many things, not the least of which is an artist. Art for me is not the simple act of creation, it is the oxygen I breathe and it encourages my beating heart. Art is a path for my spirituality to bloom, it is wonder, it is light. I LOVE the act of creating in layers. Mixed media is my friend. I needn’t worry about “mistakes”; because they are merely opportunities not yet completed. 

Denise Duellman

Denise Duellman (1959, Winona, MN, United States), founder of Mitten Sisters, makes warm mitten art from rescued sweaters.  Americans throw away 11 million tons of textiles each year. I try to alleviate some of that waste by marrying practicality and artistry. By using wool and other natural and blended fibers from sweaters that would otherwise find their way into a landfill, and by focusing on fine craftsmanship techniques while combining textures and patterns in unusual ways, I breathe new life into old discarded materials and create something fresh and vibrant that is also friendly to our planet.  I create wearable art that says something unique about the wearer. I strive to make each person feel valuable and unique, that they are contributing to our planet and that their desires, hopes and dreams matter. How we treat our planet is evidence of the respect we have for each other. By making mittens that speak to the artist in each of us, I am saving the planet two mittens at a time. My art is costuming for the hands.  Denise Duellman currently lives and works in Webster, NY. 

Megan McGibbon

Color and fiber go hand in hand at McGibbon Made, a shop that loves combining yarn and patterns to create colorful and unique wearable art.

Stefani Tadio

Stefani is a self-taught paper artist specializing in original designs stitched on paper with colorful specialty threads and embellished with tiny seed beads. Her work combines technology with the artisan tradition. Stefani creates her designs using computer software, then has them laser cut locally. She then stitches each piece by hand with needle and thread, one stitch at a time. Most recently, Stefani has enjoyed using old books and maps, using Kirigami and quilling techniques to create flowers and ornaments.

Jodie Traugott

My art reflects my life. I’ve always said I am a Renaissance-type-artist who uses creative vision in a variety of artistic mediums and styles, from traditional painting in acrylic, oil, and pastel, to fabric art, photography and digital manipulation. My work can be beautiful, ordinary, disturbing, provocative, calming, and thought provoking. I use a fusion of media to push conventional artistic boundaries which present the viewer with my unique perspectives on design and often extreme color.

Gina M. Quinlan

I make natural bath & body products from my home. I have been in business for 1 year and hope to have many others come on over to the natural side.

Bill White

I remember as a young boy beginning my journey into painting. I was exhilarated by the very act of making a painting; it was magical to see the work unfold before my eyes. This sense of wonder, of exhilaration, and experimentation that engaged me then is similar for me now more than 60 years later as I paint.

Authentic seeing allows the discovery of relationships. Seeing color as light and space is the key to my work. Then I act to translate them into the image made concrete by the medium, so the vitality of the marks of paint counts. I am eager to share in the long and great tradition of painting.

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