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You cannot teach people anything; you can only help them to find it within themselves.

I believe that each of us is an artist. I also believe that the very act of creation is a healing act. You needn’t have some horrible illness or challenge before you to benefit from this opportunity. Art is good. period. Art opens doors, calms the spirit and allows us to take a deep breath. 

It is my honor to facilitate creative opportunities for you. I am a mixed media artist. I love the opportunity that each medium provides. I use each for it’s greatest strength and then layer in the next and the next to create a most successful piece. I believe that art is not only a gift but absolutely is a spark, a breath of clean fresh air that invigorates your life. 

Recently I saw a poster that said, “do more of what makes you forget to look at your phone. AMEN- Art is an opportunity to do just that. Forget the speed of life, the texting, emails and such. The act of creation adds quality to life. 

Below are some opportunities that I have facilitated in the past. Sometimes workshops are to celebrate an occasion, friendships or team building. Sometimes participants seek to learn technique and practice. I am open to help you however I can. 

Remember- art is good…

2018 Workshops 

To Register for any workshop

please email and an invoice will be sent to you

Spring & Summer Workshop Dates 2018

It is often difficult to commit to one more place and time, that said, recently I released a 30-day creative challenge. It was incredible! Creative souls from all over the world participated in it. I was so inspired by the April 2018 event, I created a new event for May. It will be a much slower pace and allow each artist to create and celebrate their own beautiful artistic journey. 

Take a chance and explore your creativity and bloom in the month of May!






Give in to the desire to be creative! This summertime splash of art workshop will give you the tools you want to be successful in creating art. We will explore several mediums and techniques. You will learn to create in a safe and encouraging environment. Participants must be over eighteen.
Dress to get messy! I do have official Create Art 4 Good aprons for you, but you will want to protect your clothing. 
The workshop will meet from 1 pm – 4 pm.  Three dates: August 7, 14 and 21, 2018. You are committing to all three dates, what would summer camp be without meeting multiple times? This will introduce you to several techniques and creative explorations!
We will explore watercolor, ink, collage, acrylic, and more!
Workshop fee is $112.50 + materials fee $25


Creativity and Personal Discovery

This workshop offers the opportunity for fun and engaging exercises that explore the opportunity that art brings to us. Picasso once said,” Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Art opens doors for us, it encourages our ability to think outside the box even in everyday situations. In this workshop, we will use art as a tool to open us up to unlock the artist within. No experience is necessary all supplies and inspiration are included!

 6-8:30 pm.- 4 evenings 

Limit 12 people

$125 supplies included

An adventure in Consciousness

This workshop offers a mindful space and inspiration to realize the many blessings that we possess. We will explore mindfulness by using the art of journal making in both an artistic and expressive way. This is an art and writing exercise that will help us to be profoundly aware of our journey and gratitude. It will assist in recording our history and perhaps realizing our own path.

4 evenings 6-8:30pm.

Limit 12 people

$125- supplies included



Studio Information:


Create Art 4 Good Studios located at 1115 E. Main Street. (Create Art 4 Good is in the historic Hungerford building at the corner or Goodman and E. Main Street) Please enter through door #5. You can find this behind door #4 which is parallel to the flagpole in the parking lot. The suite is #203 – the second floor, left at the glass door, right down the little hall. 


You are welcome to bring something to drink or something to snack on as you wish. Water, coffee, and hot tea are available at the gallery.

Everything you need to create some fun and wonderful art will be provided. Also provided are special Create Art 4 Good aprons to protect your clothing. The inks and paints we use will stain, you may wish to wear older clothes.

Doing good things!

I’d like to share with you that 20% of your workshop fee goes to support

“The Barbara Carmen Creative Experience Fund”. This offers an opportunity to those being treated with breast cancer to enjoy a workshop at Create Art 4 Good free or at a reduced cost. Thank you for your support!


Meditation and Meditative drawing

Meditation is a profound spiritual practice that can be employed in any walk or stage of life. It has been proven by medical science that the act of meditation has profoundly positive effects on physical and mental well-being. This workshop begins with a brief meditation and then launches into a more active form of personal meditation.

Using the principles of Mandala and Zentangle you are invited to create your own personal artistic mediation. Meditation and meditative drawing is a workshop that allows everyone (no artistic talent required) to explore in a safe and meditative environment explore self, your joys, your sorrows the creation of your mandala will be an experience like no other. Creating a wonderful piece of art as a form of active meditation that quiets your mind and allows you to journey within making the invisible visible. We will create using graphite, colored pencils & ink.

Meditation and Meditative drawing -$40 includes all materials – 2.5 hours

Minimum 6 people- Maximum 15

whimsy 2Meditation -Watercolor, & meditative drawing

Meditation allows you to center and thrive! The wonderful thing about meditating and creating is that the peace you experience while meditating inspires a permanent reminder of that sacred space. This workshop shares methods for meditating as well as some simple and accessible techniques that are sure to inspire!

This wonderful workshop begins with letting go of the stress you may have felt before walking in the studio door. We will create some active meditative art by beginning with some watercolor for the background. We will move through some meditation and then use techniques found in the art of Zentangle and Mandala to create a beautiful work. While watercolor experience is helpful, it is not necessary to leave with a stunning piece of art. No artistic experience or special talents are needed to be successful in this workshop

Fee: $45- all materials included

Minimum 6 people- Maximum 15

IMG_4369[1]Meditation & Prayer Flags

Create an active prayer! Place your cares and concerns on a piece of fabric and then release those cares to the universe! Our cares and concerns know no season, you may hang your prayer flag outdoors winter, spring, summer or autumn!

Prayer flags date back thousands of years, to pre-Buddhist Tibet. Traditionally primary colors were created on cloth. Symbols and writings embodied the elements – earth, water, fire, air & space. The flags were used for healing ceremonies.

This workshop invites you to create your own prayer flags. We will create on pre-stitched cloth and use a more contemporary mixed media approach to this spiritual art. NO experience is required- it is only necessary to bring your sense of adventure with you. What might you create a prayer flag for? Your intent might be for peace in the world, a burden on your heart or simply for light in the world. Your options are limitless.

Cost of the workshop including materials $40 Minimum 6 people- Maximum 15

Dreamer webGratitude Journal Workshop-

Gratitude as a way of life is inspired by consciously noting every possible blessing. How easily we forget the richness of our lives when we are faced with profound challenges. Gratitude offers perspective.

In this workshop, we will create gratitude journals that will serve as a platform for your thoughts on gratitude. After the completion of the workshop journal prompts will be shared with each participant. No artistic skill is required, this is easy and accessible to everyone. Participants may way to bring old greeting cards, ticket stubs, photographs and other ephemera.

You are welcome to bring your own lunch or snacks to enjoy while working on your journal.

Cost of workshop: $80 including materials

Minimum 6 people- Maximum 15

floral 1Garden Journal Workshop

Be inspired! The growing season is here! There might not be anything better than keeping track of the success of your garden by noting the plants, seeds, and growth of your gardens not to mention having the opportunity to draw or photograph it.

During this day-long workshop, we will create a beautiful journal for you to do just that! We will use a variety of papers (some of which you create), collage and found materials to begin your official garden journal for 2018. How wonderful to have detail recorded in one beautiful place. We will even create pockets to hold photographs, seed packets, and sketches.

You are welcome to bring your own lunch or snacks to enjoy while working on your journal.

Cost of workshop: $80 – including materials

Minimum 6 people- Maximum 15


IMG_5016Paint and Pour with canvas

Be inspired to create your own version of a masterpiece! This adult painting workshop will walk you through the creation process of your own painting. Bring an idea of your own or work with one of the inspired ideas found at the studio.  You will learn a new skill or two, and create one-of-a-kind work of art!  Workshop fee includes all materials, step by step instruction, and aprons. Please dress appropriately- acrylic paints stain cloth.

Fee: $45 all materials included for 2.5-hour workshop

Minimum 6 people- Maximum 15
colored pencils 2ATCs (Artist Trading cards)                                                                               

Think baseball cards with artistic flair! Create small pieces of art that you trade for other people’s small pieces of art. This is not only fun, it’s therapeutic and a great way to collect art from those you admire!

The ATC movement developed out of the mail art movement and has its origins in Switzerland. We will create cards in a variety of media, including pencil, colored pencil and watercolor. There will be an opportunity to trade cards if desired at the end of the workshop.

2-hour workshop- $40- all materials included

Minimum 6 people- Maximum 15


IMG_4943Paint and Pour: Paint your own BEAUTIFUL custom wine glasses!

What’s not to love about drinking out of a beautifully painted wine glass? The only thing better is if YOU created it! This workshop is easy and fun! You will learn step by step techniques to create your very own beautiful glasses.

Cost of the two-hour workshop: $40 all materials included to create two wine glasses

Minimum 6 people- Maximum 15


Prayer box-

Begin with a wooden box and create a unique mixed media work of art that houses your dreams, cares, and wishes. You will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of sizes and shapes of premade boxes and then use the techniques of painting, collage, and assemblage to embellish and create your own beautiful prayer box.

This workshop is accessible to any skill level, no artistic flair required to create a successful beautiful prayer box!

Workshop cost $40 – workshop fee $10 materials fee paid to the instructor 2.5 hours

Minimum 6 people- Maximum 15



IMG_0313Mixed Media Art Journal

Spend time creating an art journal that can be personalized for you or worthy of giving as a wonderful gift. You will learn successful mixed media techniques to create a one of a kind journal ready to receive your writings, ideas, thoughts or memories.

We will create our own papers and embellishments to place in an ordinary sketchbook. We will make the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY! Feel free to bring photographs, inspiring imagery, old greeting cards, ticket stubs and other ephemera to embellish your designs.

You are welcome to bring your own lunch or snacks to enjoy while working on your journal.

Workshop fee $80 including materials 

Minimum 6 people- Maximum 15

Private / evening workshops:

Feel free to bring wine/beer/Non – alcoholic drinks & Munchies- make it a party!       (Please do not remove any open bottle from the studio- it is NYS law)                           Only those over twenty-one will be permitted to drink alcohol                                                  space is very limited- reserve your seat today! 

Private Workshops Available


  • Watercolor
  • Acrylic
  • glass
  • Jewelry
  • Mandala
  • Prayer flags
  • journal creation and more!



Would you like to have a private gathering for you and your friends and family, wedding party, team building party, birthday event or a creative night out?

Gather 6-15 of your friends and reserve a special time JUST for you!
Contact Susan with your dates and desires!
Susan Carmen-Duffy

Watercolor Wonders I- Beginner workshop (little or no experience required)

SACD_Just love 2014Experience the joy of watercolor painting. This workshop is designed to inspire your success with a new medium. Are you curious about the versatility and gifts of watercolors? You will learn techniques, how to create magic and have some fun with this delightful medium. You will become familiar with watercolor materials, color mixing and painting techniques in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.Don’t be intimidated any longer – come learn to paint!

Workshop fee: $120 + 30 Materials fee (four weeks/ 2.5 hours each week)

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