June Exhibition

I can hardly believe that it is almost June. The new gallery is thriving with the most wonderful art. I feel really blessed to be a part of facilitating the most incredible exhibits for your viewing and collecting pleasures! 

In June we will welcome a talented gentleman that makes me want to write a children’s book so we can collaborate! Jonathan Schnapp’s work is incredible! His characters are charming and delightfully unconventional. 

Please save the date- come meet Jon and his cast of characters! 

Not convinced yet? Here is what Jon has to say:

Artist Statement
by Jonathan Schnapp

“My work in painting is a celebration of everything I love, including bright colors and quirky characters. Appealing to children and grown-ups alike, each picture is a page from a storybook. With the context gone, it is up to the viewer to decipher the rest of the tale.
But what the viewer may not guess is the personal story behind the paint. Having struggled with mental health issues for much of my life, the issue of who I am and my place in the world is always at the forefront. These paintings, as silly and child-like as they are, are often representations of frustration, confusion, and anxiety. The characters each take on an aspect of my experience.
Chickens represent cowardice, crocodiles bring deception, cows are apathetic. Seeing the characters interact with fantastical environments shows their limits and contradictions, but also their strengths. The result is a work that tells a fun story and teaches me something about myself.”

What’s not to love? Jon’s use of color and movement are positively expiring to me as an artist I LOVE the texture in this piece. I cannot wait to show you in person! 


See you soon! June is almost here!

blessings – 


Thursday, May 10th

The gallery will be closed tonight due to circumstances beyond my control. 

However, I will happily see you this Saturday, May 12th from 10 am to 3 pm!

Nancy Radzik and her amazing sculptures will also be there!


Trust your path. 

It isn’t always easy. 

In the middle of a big HUGE transition, I find myself not reacting as most would think I should. This introspection seems steeped with the need to process every miniature decision as a major game changer. I see the world differently, opportunities with fresh eyes and what I currently live daily as the beginning of the past. 

I have believed for decades that everything will always be okay as long as you walk along with your conscience heart. These days I am challenged to live this out loud, as I transition from working comfortably for someone else to being on my own, making dreams and other wild things come true. 

So, live out loud I shall. 

Trust the path. It is yours.

blessings, courage, & love, 


Hopelessly empty



Maker’s May Bloom

I love the idea of reaching you exactly where you are. I am passionate about sharing the inspiration to create art. I want you to find that beautiful place inside of you and enjoy a safe and creative space. 

Maker’s May Bloom- walk with me and create during the month of May!

Tickets can be found here: Maker’s May Bloom

with great big love, 


Take a chance and explore your creativity and bloom in the month of May!

Opening in May

I met Nancy Radzik almost five years ago. She wandered into my studio and introduced herself. Nancy owned a gallery in Fairport at that time. We had the most lovely discussion. Nancy was a fireball of energy and but her demeanor a combination of refinement and completely down to heart. She has a way about her that makes you want to join forces!  I knew it I was collaborating on an exhibit with her.

Nancy is such a complex woman. She has so many layers, so many thoughts, so many ideas swirling around her. Our exhibit was a wonderful one. It was a benefit to each of us, the artists we represented and the charity we supported.What could possibly be better? Since then I am happy to say that Nancy has been an amazing support of Create Art 4 Good as well as me personally. She often steps up to my calls for art and in May, she will have her own one woman show. 

“dwellings…… remnant memories….. ” is an exhibit that will inspire deep thought and perhaps bring a memory to the top. Nancy has this to say about her exhibit:

“my collage/assemblage art pieces are meant as homage

to all the arts – poetry, music and literature – in that

I am dealing with quotes that I feel are significant

and worthy of remembering.


as a person who feels strongly about the importance

of recycling, my medium of choice is the found object

and reclaimed wood owning remnants of past lives.

incorporating fragments of wood, natural elements

and photos — blending the sacred, the everyday and

the humorous into imagined environs.


to borrow a quote from the artist, Asher Durand,

“the artist….will have seen more than the mere matter

of fact, but no more than is there and that another

may see if it is pointed out to him.”


I hope my work will point out something worth

remembering for the viewer.”

                                thanks for observing……. nancy radzik

I hope you join us May the 4th for Nancy’s opening. The exhibit will be up for the entire month of May- please make an appointment if one of the gallery times does not work in your schedule. 

Thanks for listening, 


Marketing Monday

It is part of my mission to support art and artists. One of the ways I try to support artists is to hold a monthly meeting called,”Marketing Monday. First, let me confess that I am not an expert in Marketing. I do have a passion for it. But I by no means have all the answers. I just want to succeed, I want others to succeed and I think we can do that together. 

 One of the reasons I began this group was because I truly believe that if we each live our fingerprint, the path we are meant to walk, we cannot help but to be successful. I also believe that we each have expertise that is valuable to fellow business person and it seems to make sense to share. 

Marketing Monday has been a well-attended meeting for several years now. We even had a retreat in January. This year, I asked attendees to carefully consider and write down their goals. It seems to me that we cannot work towards goals if we don’t even remember what they are. After doing so, they entrusted their information to me. Toward that success, I just sent an email to those who shared their goals with me. I reminded them of what their goals were in January and asked them to check in on their own success. 

My point is this. Most of us make goals, January should almost be renamed as “goal month” (or resolutions). Take a moment to take stock of your progress this year. How are you doing? What goals have you met? How can you reach a little higher? How can you attain what you really want? Do you need to revisit these goals? Maybe your expectations were too high, too low or not furthering your own personal mission.


Whatever your progress – I pray I hope you celebrate it. Whatever needs doing still, I hope you find a way to get your path secured, your feet on the ground and ready to take on the world. 


Get going on those dreams! 


with great big love, 


It’s late

I am overwhelmingly grateful for today. 

It was a day full of possibility.

It was a day spent pondering new ideas, allowing the dreaming of big giant dreams and fearlessly opening doors. It was spent acknowledging the growth and progress made from the past, exploring the future and appreciating the present. 

It was a good day. The “to do list” did not get too many checks on it. But there will be time tomorrow. 

I am grateful. I just wanted to share that with you. 

big love, beautiful sweet dreams


I am so grateful. For love, for life, for possibilities.

with such deep gratitude

Last night I opened the doors to share my new studio space. It has been for me much more than a transition to a new space, it has been an intense transition for me personally. 

When you begin a journey that you KNOW you are meant to but are uncertain of the other side, it can be quite unsettling. It is vulnerable, it is scary. However, something changed in me. I had no preconceived notion that this was going to happen. 

I feel like I found my new and higher self in this process. I feel like with the hope of spring (trust me, I live in Rochester, NY it is JUST a hope at this point. There is snow on the ground!) there is a new bloom. I am ready to work. I am ready to create. I am ready to take big huge chances. 

The overwhelming and tremendous support I received yesterday felt like nothing I have ever experienced before. When I opened my doors (a whole seventy-five minutes EARLY) I felt nothing but joy in wanting to share the next step of my journey. There was no panic, there was no regret – there was only joy. The fact that I was confirmed repeatedly by loved ones and strangers alike was incredible. 

Last night felt like a party- a dance, a tremendous bloom! 

I have said for a long time that if you live your fingerprint you cannot help but bloom. I gratefully feel as though I am living those words. This is not to say that life is without challenge, but it is to say, I know I am on the right path. 

Thank YOU for blessing me with your love, support, and kindness. 

the best is yet to be…with love and gratitude, 


Love from Rob and Christine

The 30 day creative challenge

So they say that anything you do can become a habit if you are consistent for twenty-one days. This thought along with my firm idea that everyone is an artist has brought me to the following idea. 

It’s spring, darn it. It is time for new life and color and wonder! 

My theory on art:

  1. EVERYONE (yes even you) is an artist. You might not paint with oil, you might not create twenty-foot murals, but YOU, my friend, ARE an artist. 
  2. Art is good- FOR EVERYONE- it is, I promise. You just have to let down your walls, forget the idea of what you currently perceive to be as perfect and breathe

SO- that said (of course you believe me, right?) I challenge you. To take some time for you, to be creative, for every single one of the thirty days in April.

FIRST, promise me you will do this, (for a minimum of 15 minutes every single day), please?!  If the theory of practice makes perfect rings true for you, I want you to understand that this isn’t just a doodle challenge. This is an invitation to bloom just a little bit this spring. This is an invitation to take a break from electronics, business, busyness and breathe. It is self-care, it is soul care and it is beautiful. That said, it is not going to be anything more than what YOU are willing to put into it. 

If you agree to this- I promise this will be fun, inspiring and make a mark on your spring. If you do this,  you will see that taking a moment (or at least 15) aligns your day in a totally new way. IF YOU DO THIS, you will have something new to discuss with friends, family, and coworkers and maybe inspire THEM to be creative!

See? it could be like a revolution! A Creative revolution! See the difference you have already made? We haven’t even started yet! 

So why am I doing this?

I honestly believe art makes a difference in (EVERYONE’s) life. This world can be filled with such negativity, with such incredible pain. I want to inspire beauty, light, hope. I, too want to concentrate on new life, creativity and centering my spirit. I have chosen the month of April because there are many new challenges in my life and I can think of nothing more wonderful than to celebrate with art. 

Why should you do it? 

  1. Because it’s FUN, darn it!
  2. Because taking a break from all those screens actually has health benefits
  3. Because, speaking of health benefits, the creation of art actually has some too!
  4. Because, as risks go, this isn’t too scary. Come on…. you know you want to!

SO, Join me! Let’s journey together and create something wonderful, grow a little and BLOOM! 

sign up here: The Thirty Day Creative Challenge

I hope you take some time to grow and bloom. This promises to be wonderful!

blessings & great big love to you, 


sign up today!