International Women’s day

So when I think about the women who have inspired me throughout my life there have been countless women. I began this blog thinking about how many people have influenced me and inspirited me. I wanted to share a grocery list, naming each and how they have been so instrumental. Some I have a personal relationship with, some are historical or public figures who I have never had the honor of meeting. ALL have played a role in who I have become today.

Panic set in when I thought about this process of naming names and influences. I agonized a bit about who I might leave out, would they be hurt or not even notice? As I strolled through the list in my head I recognized quickly I would be blogging until July to name these names and describe their personal fingerprint on my life. This blog is not actually about naming names. Hopefully, it is about sharing that I have been touched by countless women. Clearly, you can look at any life and recognize that because we do not live in a vacuum, there are people responsible for inspiration and encouragement. 

So to you- who have walked this journey with me. To you have inspired my heart, my art, my life, my journey. To you who have shown me a different way, encouraged me to be better, to see clearer, to be kinder and love deeper. To you who have left me speechless, inspired my voice, given me fortification and courage, thoughtfulness or sweetness, laughter and peace. To you who have given me shelter from the storm, inspired the celebration, held my hand, shared a stone, given me color, taught me to serve, love and be bold. To you who have patiently encouraged the bloom, empowered my words, deeds, art and wholeness. To you who have taken the time to know, breathe with me and adventure with me. To you- who have left their fingerprint on my very heart. I AM SO GRATEFUL.

As women, we can be the very source of strength, courage, and life. We have the opportunity to raise up those around us and sing to the accomplishment of that. 

Today, I celebrate all the women who have given me the opportunity to be more than I ever thought I could be. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for you- you have inspired me, encouraged me and given me more than any one soul could ever hope to receive

with deepest love and gratitude.


In celebration of those who have encouraged my bloom as a human

the celebration of art

For the last few years, I have invited the students at West Irondequoit Central School District to share their work in my gallery. This not only is one of my favorite exhibits each year, it is also in keeping with my mission statement. My goal in doing this is to encourage creativity among all people. The gallery shines with the hearts and creativity of these students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. 

This year is just as magical as previous years with one notable exception. Several of the most inspiring teachers you could ever have the honor to work with hung the exhibit on January 22nd. It was wonderful to witness. Each teacher working diligently to show each student’s masterpiece in just the right place. There was cooperation, collaboration, and wonder. I sat behind my desk, occasionally obtaining something necessary or working through a problem with those brilliant teachers. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched them work. They spoke with each other about different projects, techniques, and pride in their students. It was a unique and wonderful view of people who give so much. 

The show will open soon, artists who barely can hold a pair of scissors to those who apply to college for the sake of art will filter into the gallery. Soon the walls of my gallery will echo with the sounds of their excitement and pride. Soon their families will ooo and ahh over the work accomplished. They along with total strangers will react to the sweet little pieces of a kindergartener and be inspired by the ideas of others. 

ART should be celebrated! In a world filled with electronics and other distractions, these students worked to create something to inspire, intrigue or perhaps just to express their own ideas. I hope you find the time to visit. To celebrate! To show these students some love. 

In peace and gratitude, 



so much to be grateful for in 2017

As I reflect upon this last year, I understand completely how not just marking time but also taking a moment to reflect offers opportunity to see exactly how much I have grown as a person and even a business person. This reflection is personal, I do not wish to tick off the list of accomplishments and failures. It is safe to say that there are some of both. 

I am grateful- for both

In my failures, I was given the opportunity to grow, exchange of new ideas, and lessons learned. I have learned that it is easier to give advice than it is to follow it, to swim in dreams instead of forming plans, and stand aware and vulnerable when something I thought was the BEST utterly failed. 

I consider it a success to recognize what failed, but embrace the lesson. I have removed the price tag from success. It is no longer a requirement to see the worldly value, but my personal one. I have clarified my journey, my intent and that seems to have focused not only my intention but my life. It is a huge success when an artist, who has never had an exhibit, walks into my gallery and beams with pride at the work I have done to prepare her exhibit. It is a success when someone leaves the studio inspired. 

The thing I treasure most from 2017 is the ability to be more aware, more sensitive, and live a bit more authentically. I have taken the time to review some of what I do, how I invest, and where I put my energy. In short- I seem to be ready for the bloom. 

I am so grateful- for many things- I hope you are too. 

Blessings, love and great big peace of heart for you- 


Marketing Monday- A Foundation for Success

For two or more years now, I have been holding meetings on the first Monday of every month (typically). We discuss ways to grow our business. None of us claims to be experts, none of us has all the answers. However, collectively, we seem to have quite a few great answers. 

In January- I will call in an expert or two, and share all the wonderful marketing materials I have been gathering for you. You will receive a sassy notebook to record and organize your business life. 

I am excited about this for many reasons, some of which include that we never get deep enough on a Monday night. However, if we take a day- don’t even have to leave for food, we can get some work done. 

I think it’s important to look at our businesses with fresh eyes. January seems like the perfect time to do that. So… I invite you to join me. Space is very limited. 

Ticket Information

celebrating four years at the Hungerford

We are located on the second floor of building 5. Suite #201

Four years ago today, my life changed forever. I took Create Art 4 Good from a pop-up art market business to one that had walls, windows, and a door. It took my dreams of a lifetime and realized them into being. It began four years of two “homes”, incredible and wonderful experiences too many to count and growth.
Friday night, I will open the doors again, with almost that much anticipation. Friday, I will celebrate four incredible years at the Hungerford building.
To say I am happy is quite an understatement. I am living my dreams! I make art every day! I share this path with incredible friends and family who support and love me every single step of the way.
I hope you are able to stop in. If not, I know I will see you soon.
with so much love,


I am still basking in the glow of a really powerful experience. The Art Market Pop-up began as an idea and then quickly bloomed into an event where over four hundred fifty people attended. There was laughter, there were purchases made of fine art, and there was certainly a connection. 

What astounded me the most was the simple joy that seemed to blossom from this event. So many people participated in one way or another, and it all worked out. 

My fears over the weather were quieted by the most amazing rainbow blooming over the building as my sister and I decorated the outside of the building. Every doubt or concern seemed to quickly have a quick resolution.

While I am exhausted, I feel empowered. Something changed in me this weekend. 

It isn’t billboard worthy, but it is certainly something to be grateful for. 

And… I am. 

blessings and great big love, 


taking a moment

I am taking this moment to pause. reflect AND share. I am a mere FIVE DAYS away from something I have worked hard for, but not just me… my artists and my family (chosen and otherwise) have worked hard too.A Pop-UP! An awesome pop-up- trust me, this is not your average Pop-up!
Create Art 4 Good began as a pop-up! My business plan was sort of the traveling gallery of art, I ‘d go where I was invited. Conference rooms, homes, anywhere I could set up some art to share.
Saturday the 30th, will be the ULTIMATE Pop-up 9 artists (and me) will share a little of our hearts and our work with you. I-Square has graciously supported this effort.
I AM READY- to share a building full of incredible artists, to share our art and to share that art belongs everywhere (and doesn’t have to match your sofa.
This is a dream!
As an artist myself, when an opportunity “pops” up (please forgive the pun) you listen to the universe! The owners of I-Square were gracious in supporting this silly idea, and on Saturday- the idea will bloom.
Ten artists- 250 swag bags, art opportunities for children…. along with the fall festival – does it possibly get any better? I think not.
All we need is YOU- come visit, won’t you? Buy art, talk with the artists, listen to their process- you will be impressed. I know you will!
See you soon!
with love, 

Advertise your business!

Dear Potential Sponsor,

On September 30th Create Art 4 Good will sponsor the first annual Pop-Up Art Market in Irondequoit. It will be in conjunction with I Square’s Fall festival. The location of the market, just down Titus Avenue from I-Square will breathe some new life into the old Vercruysse farm market. This is a curated event will be sharing the work of ten incredible local artisans.

I am proud to be working with I Square on this event. Create Art 4 Good is an organization that seeks to get more art in the world, supporting local artists and community while paying it forward. I-Square has moved mountains in Irondequoit and is indeed one of the jewels of the Rochester area.

This brings me to my request of you. As a business owner in the area, I would like to offer you the opportunity to support this event while advertising your business. I am creating swag bag for attendees at the Art Pop-Up.  There will be all kinds of goodies placed in each bag, including art! I will happily place your coupon, advertisement or product in these swag bags. I anticipate creating a minimum of 300 bags.

This is I-Square’s largest event of the year, with over 1000 attendees last year, this is a perfect way to get your business some attention. I-Square has cemented a loyal community and I have no doubt that this event on September 30th, 2017 will be even better!

The cost to participate is  $50 plus whatever you would like to contribute to them. We will give out bags to the first very lucky 250 patrons.  Please fill out the registration form found here: Sponsor Irondequoit Pop-Up In order to ensure your advertisements/ swag are ready for our patrons, all submissions, materials, payments are due no later than September 18, 2017. Please register as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to pick up your contributions.

Thank you so much for helping this event be even more successful.

Wishing you every success.

Susan Carmen-Duffy

Create Art 4 Good