welcome Jessie Marianacci Valone!

Over the summer I met Jessie at a class we took together. She was this bright light with a constant smile and enthusiasm. She struck me as incredibly modest and yet confident. She was refreshing and sweet. 

Beyond liking Jessie, I got to know her as a potter. We could talk clay and even glazes as I originally worked in clay. One of the things I love about Jessie’s pottery is her attention to detail. Flip a mug or bowl over and you will witness what I am saying!

Jessie’s work is currently showing in the gallery- you will have the opportunity to see and purchase it from now through February. Her style is fun and unique, she is bold with line and design and she loves the opportunity to make something out of nothing. 

She is showing plates, bowls, pitchers, berry bowls, cruets, mugs and more! I hope you stop by, I hope you spur on this new artist and I hope you buy something fun to drink your favorite warm beverage in or serve a bowl of deliciousness! 

Jessie’s exhibit will be up through the end of January (Come visit Thursdays 4-6PM, Second Saturday 10AM until 3PM or make an appointment!) You will also get to see her work through February (perfect for your valentine!)  

Remember EVERY purchase a little love is paid forward to a local charity. We get more art in the world, and someone in need gets support. everyone wins- perfect, right? See you soonest.

with peace and love, 


Happy New Year!

So, we are a week into the new year which for me seems to be flying by so quickly! I can hardly believe it. As always I have a renewed sense of optimism. 2017 is full of potential, full of opportunity.

Upon reflection, 2016 was a year of great growth for me. I figured out quite a few things, about me personally, about where I want to go with my life personally and professionally as well as diligently facing some dragons. 

I suspect 2017 will continue the growth. My heart is open and I am fully prepared for the wonder that lies ahead. The interesting thing is that I no longer reject the idea that sometimes growth is painful. It is almost as though the growing pains seem to cement the growth or perhaps give validation to it. 

I remember when my sons were growing rapidly during their early teens. They each seemed to pick a summer where they literally grew INCHES – I would massage their backs and their legs to help them relax so perhaps they could sleep. They were in so much pain. I remember buying pants for them 2-3 times in just a month or two. I couldn’t keep up with their growth. They became young men before my eyes. 

This feels the same, there are certainly growing pains, there are trials, sometimes even doubts, but the path seems fairly clear to me. I DO get discouraged, but usually that is when I am not listening, paying attention. To be brutally honest, the pain most comes when I doubt myself and run back to try to put on the old way of doing business and realize it doesn’t fit anymore. Just like my sons and their pants, I cannot go back. It is vital to continue to be open and follow my heart. 

So that’s it… no giant words of wisdom here, just follow your heart. YOU KNOW it’s true. When we listen, we succeed, when we doubt, we fall down and those growing pains take over. 

I’m listening…. 


Sneak Preview: Small Business Saturday

past tense: upcycled; past participle: upcycled
  1. reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.
    “the opportunity to upcycle trash, or turn it into new products, was vast

So what happen when you mix creative souls with “the green police”?                             (My mom used to call me that.) You actually get a most spectacular exhibit called “Lost & Found” – My sister and I have been working feverishly to create something special for you. Special not only for the holidays, but also to celebrate the art of opportunity. Old becoming new. 

I will admit, I have learned a great deal in the attempt to create this exhibit. It is definitely more of a challenge to make old into new than it is to start with sparkly new everythings. But it has been a gift to me and hopefully Christine. I look at things differently, I brainstorm and I am already excited about next year. (SAVE the DATE! It will open  November 25, 2017)

I hope you will join us. There are pretty things for you and yours- packaging for you to put your pretty things into, decorations, and even jewelry. We have worked with antique buttons, books and a plethora of other items (even a few wine corks~) There are dishes and glasses and tea cups…. I believe you get the idea, right? 

This is a most wonderful time of year…. please support small business and support the artists at Create Art 4 Good. The really awesome thing is that we actually support the community with every single sale. 

See you Saturday

with love and peace- 


P.S.- So this is an example of what we are up to. Pages of books used to create bottle cap necklaces. I used an old music encyclopedia to create most of these. Some of the handwriting belongs to some of our most famous composers. I embellished a bit with some hearts. It was quite a bit fun! Come visit- you can see for yourself!


Message received.

I started this blog in August -clearly I have been otherwise distracted. Sometimes when this happens I choose to scrap the blog- but this one feels important, so I will finish it, and share.

Yesterday was a pretty spectacular day. This was for many reasons to be honest, I celebrated lunch with my daughter, I woke up feeling proud of my accomplishments of the last five years AND I launched the new business idea.

I was a NERVOUS wreck until I hit send. My stomach was in knots, my heart beating fast, I had a headache – I . WAS. AFRAID!

But I shouldn’t have been. This ideas is as close to my heart as crayons to a five year old. In fact, that is probably how everything got started. I have made cards at LEAST that long. So I suppose five decades of energy is worthy of a second look.

I remember a dear friend’s comments after receiving a card of mine. She suggested that I could never send her one from a store again. She said she didn’t want a gift, just a card. Hmmm that perhaps should have been a light bulb moment. But of course, I just took it as a lofty compliment and honestly, did not give it the weight it deserved.

So – here we are. I have announced my intent to open a card business and your response was completely overwhelming. I feel so incredibly confirmed in this and I am deeply grateful for you and your support.

I am really looking forward to the launch in October. I cannot wait! I believe this is something that will be unique and special. Note cards, individual cards, snarky cards, art cards- MORE!

Please save the date- I think it will be a pretty awesome launch- I promise to have a few surprises for you. I hope you will consider me for your every day cards, holiday cards, just for no reason cards. Together we will send a little love, in an envelope one card at a time.

Have a beautiful day!

Love & peace,


Power of Words

Introducing Sarah Derrenbacher & Soul Sessions

I live in a pretty cool neighborhood. Collectively, we get together often, sometimes it is planned, sometimes we just sort of fall into a gathering. Regardless, I can safely say that we are sort of a chosen family. It is a lovely way to live.

Some time ago (maybe two years?) One of the neighbors moved on to a new part of her life and a new home and we welcomed a new lovely soul to the neighborhood. Sarah is one of those people that I felt easily attached to. She is generous of spirit and funny, not to mention enchanting. She is REAL.  Immediately we had some great conversations. I felt like I have known Sarah for a lifetime. It seemed we didn’t need the gift of decades. She is open, honest, curious and spiritual.

Recently, Sarah and I were speaking about my gallery. (I am excited to share that in May she will have a one woman exhibition at Create Art 4 Good, but I digress… )

Sarah asked me if I knew of a place she could offer meditation. Without hesitation, I offered the space at Create Art 4 Good. You see, for me, art is part of my spiritual practice. I have personally included meditation in that. The more I meditate, the more balanced I feel. Balance offers to me a pot of gold. It allows me to take in stride some of life challenges, and to celebrate successes. It holds space in me, that I have previously been uncomfortable with. To invite Sarah to my space for mediation work was a perfect match to me. Later that day, Sarah arrived at the studio to see the space.

“This is perfect”, were the first words out of her mouth.

And so it is. That day, Sarah and I spoke of the possibilities of what could be. Her excitement was contagious. Her heart certainly in the right place.

So, with great honor I invite you to join Sarah at Create Art 4 Good. Soul Sessions will help you continue your personal work. It will offer the opportunity for you to find balance essential to your well-being. BEFORE you tell me you don’t have time, I will tell you that you will have all the time in the world if you take care of yourself. I PROMISE.

Here is more information

Soul Sessions, led by Sarah Derrenbacher

How can we soften? How can we show up more deeply? How can we embrace and honor the balance between being strong and soft, courageous and vulnerable, wild and authentic? Join your fellow seekers at an upcoming Soul Session to find out. Through basic meditation practices, Sarah creates a space where we can cultivate moment-to-moment awareness and embrace our humanness. No previous meditation experience required. This is a space for newbies, beginners, seekers, those who might not know where to start with their meditation practice — and anyone who wants a few more feel good, soulful vibes in their lives. Sarah is a six year student of meditation and deeply transformative inner work processes. She is a certified Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Energy Healer.

September 7, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
REGISTER AT: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/soul-sessions-tickets-26961104389

September 21, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
REGISTER AT: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/soul-sessions-tickets-26972240698


The BIG Announcement

Today marks FIVE YEARS as a business. I remember when I began, it was a dream in the making. I diligently wrote and re-wrote the business plan SEVEN times. YEP, seven. For me it was about insuring the success of my dreams. Today, I am celebrating my with awe my successes and jumping with vigor into the next dream!

I could go on and on about how much I have learned, and that is completely true. I could share the changes that have occurred in the last five years, (not the least of which is almost 3 years at the Hungerford)- which is also true.


For me, this is a gigantic celebration that isn’t just about celebrating the success I feel in growing a business of five years. It is about about the opportunity that I am jumping into with my everything. It is about the bubbling pure joy that is overflowing in my heart as I write this.

Let me give you the background information.

When I was little, my mom used to say when my father was feeling a bit grumpy he’d go to the hardware store. He would wander around and sort out his thoughts among the nuts and bolts and shiny new tools. When he returned, he was usually in much better spirits. As an adult I recognize that this was sort of his time out. He didn’t have to talk to anyone, he just found himself in “the zone”- his zone.

I have a similar “thing”, however usually at a stationary store. I wander around, look and let go. My terrible mood usually turns into something proactive, I buy a card or two (or ten) not usually because I need them, but because I have thought of someone who seems to be going through something, or someone who needs to be celebrated. My favorite opportunities are the ones that are not required. An encouragement, a thank you, or just a little bit of love.

Why am I telling you all this? In life we are given many messages, if we pay attention it seems that everything is revealed at the perfect time. My love of pretty Stationary, beautiful cards and fine papers isn’t just an artist thing, I would suggest perhaps a it’s a vocation. (more honestly NOT just a vocation but a passion… maybe even obsession?!) I fully embrace the art of thoughtfulness. It gives me life and more importantly seems to positively affect those who I send them to.

One of the things that bothers me about our very fast paced world is that we forget to take notice, to pause, to appreciate, to recognize. We don’t send cards as often as in the past.  A recent survey that I posted on social media indicates that we don’t send as many cards, as we want to (which inspires guilt), we LOVE getting cards, AND we appreciate cards that are unique, and beautiful. The message is clear -it is vital to pause, to notice, to appreciate each other.

As an artist it is a natural extension to make cares from artwork. It is affordable for those who appreciate your work and it is a lovely way to share creativity. I have been honored by those who mention to me after sending some of my cards that they were not only proud to send my greetings, but the recipient was delighted as well. One person shares with me that she sends my cards to her “special people” because she likes to send beautiful art.  I love it when I hear from someone I was inspired to send a card to sends me a message that my card positively changed their day, made them feel important or truly loved. I will admit, it is a bit of an ego boost when someone tells you that they exclusively send your images for every reason there is to send a card.

I have listened- and my next step has been revealed.

It is with great honor I announce the birth of GREETINGS 4 GOOD.

Greetings 4 Good sq

Greetings 4 Good will flourish under the parent company, Create Art 4 Good. It will use the fine art images to create gorgeous stationary, greeting cards and other inspiring  products. Each week(from now until October) I will reveal the product line piece by piece. I want these images to be your very favorites, so I will humbling ask for your help at deciding which images should go to print! I will invite you to join Greetings 4 Good– which will have some really nifty perks! (free cards, promotions & special offers)

Are you in?

SAVE THE DATE! The official launch date for Greetings 4 Good will be October 7th, 2016 at my gallery – Create Art 4 Good. That night you will see the original images I have created married to the poetry I write to bloom into beautiful and unique cards for you. You will have the opportunity to view and purchase greeting cards that give back (just like with Create Art 4 Good- a donation is made with each sale) and help you to send a little bit of love to those you cherish. This opening will be the gala of a lifetime of making art and poetry and celebrating the bloom of thoughtfulness.

Thank you for celebrating my anniversary, your support of my work sustains me in ways you could never imagine. I appreciate your love and faithfulness.

with great joy, love & peace,


p.s. send someone a card today- for no reason- JUST BECAUSE – you will both be happy you did!

p.p.s. Starting in October, send a Greetings4Good card (just because you will send a beautiful art card- and make many people happy!)


All images and writings are by Susan Carmen-Duffy © 2016.                                           The use of any content from this site without written permission from the author/artist is prohibited.

(Please be nice! The universe appreciates your kindness and honor and so do I!)

so much to share

I feel sometimes like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, running around with such great excitement I am not sure which direction to go first. The good news is, I am working hard. That feels FANTASTIC! I am working diligently towards my dreams, and all those 3 am ideas that keep me awake at night. The bad news is, there are only 24 hours in a day.

so today- I will be brief- I will tell you that great things are coming your way. Why? because I think I finally have the courage and tenacity to share with you.

Be patient with me please- I think it will be worth it.

Until then, here is a goodie for you- My workshops have been re-designed and repriced. In fact, this month’s exhibit is in honor of those workshops. You will see examples of the work you will do, as well as descriptions and pricing. IF you book a workshop for you and your favorites by the 13th @ 3pm You will receive 10% off.

workshop newsletter

In other news- I will be sharing with you, something near to my heart on the 9th. (which happens to be the 5th anniversary of when I began Create Art 4 Good) I am excited. It is just the beginning… the best is yet to be.

Have a beautiful day-

Love & Peace


with honor-

I am deeply honored to share with you that Congresswoman Louise Slaughter will be coming to my gallery tomorrow. Mrs. Slaughter intends to speak about the challenges women face in the arena of small business. I look forward to hearing her thoughts and hosting her in my beautiful gallery space.

Mrs. Slaughter took office at a time when it was difficult for women to make their mark with any sort of ease in the big world. As a young woman, I was inspired by Mrs. Slaughter. She has served with tenacity in a way which I have always admired. She has empowered me and no doubt countless others to follow their dreams by serving with strength and courage.

(I’m excited! THE Congresswoman is coming to MY SPACE!)