Marketing Monday- A Foundation for Success

For two or more years now, I have been holding meetings on the first Monday of every month (typically). We discuss ways to grow our business. None of us claims to be experts, none of us has all the answers. However, collectively, we seem to have quite a few great answers. 

In January- I will call in an expert or two, and share all the wonderful marketing materials I have been gathering for you. You will receive a sassy notebook to record and organize your business life. 

I am excited about this for many reasons, some of which include that we never get deep enough on a Monday night. However, if we take a day- don’t even have to leave for food, we can get some work done. 

I think it’s important to look at our businesses with fresh eyes. January seems like the perfect time to do that. So… I invite you to join me. Space is very limited. 

Ticket Information

celebrating four years at the Hungerford

We are located on the second floor of building 5. Suite #201

Four years ago today, my life changed forever. I took Create Art 4 Good from a pop-up art market business to one that had walls, windows, and a door. It took my dreams of a lifetime and realized them into being. It began four years of two “homes”, incredible and wonderful experiences too many to count and growth.
Friday night, I will open the doors again, with almost that much anticipation. Friday, I will celebrate four incredible years at the Hungerford building.
To say I am happy is quite an understatement. I am living my dreams! I make art every day! I share this path with incredible friends and family who support and love me every single step of the way.
I hope you are able to stop in. If not, I know I will see you soon.
with so much love,


I am still basking in the glow of a really powerful experience. The Art Market Pop-up began as an idea and then quickly bloomed into an event where over four hundred fifty people attended. There was laughter, there were purchases made of fine art, and there was certainly a connection. 

What astounded me the most was the simple joy that seemed to blossom from this event. So many people participated in one way or another, and it all worked out. 

My fears over the weather were quieted by the most amazing rainbow blooming over the building as my sister and I decorated the outside of the building. Every doubt or concern seemed to quickly have a quick resolution.

While I am exhausted, I feel empowered. Something changed in me this weekend. 

It isn’t billboard worthy, but it is certainly something to be grateful for. 

And… I am. 

blessings and great big love, 


taking a moment

I am taking this moment to pause. reflect AND share. I am a mere FIVE DAYS away from something I have worked hard for, but not just me… my artists and my family (chosen and otherwise) have worked hard too.A Pop-UP! An awesome pop-up- trust me, this is not your average Pop-up!
Create Art 4 Good began as a pop-up! My business plan was sort of the traveling gallery of art, I ‘d go where I was invited. Conference rooms, homes, anywhere I could set up some art to share.
Saturday the 30th, will be the ULTIMATE Pop-up 9 artists (and me) will share a little of our hearts and our work with you. I-Square has graciously supported this effort.
I AM READY- to share a building full of incredible artists, to share our art and to share that art belongs everywhere (and doesn’t have to match your sofa.
This is a dream!
As an artist myself, when an opportunity “pops” up (please forgive the pun) you listen to the universe! The owners of I-Square were gracious in supporting this silly idea, and on Saturday- the idea will bloom.
Ten artists- 250 swag bags, art opportunities for children…. along with the fall festival – does it possibly get any better? I think not.
All we need is YOU- come visit, won’t you? Buy art, talk with the artists, listen to their process- you will be impressed. I know you will!
See you soon!
with love, 

Advertise your business!

Dear Potential Sponsor,

On September 30th Create Art 4 Good will sponsor the first annual Pop-Up Art Market in Irondequoit. It will be in conjunction with I Square’s Fall festival. The location of the market, just down Titus Avenue from I-Square will breathe some new life into the old Vercruysse farm market. This is a curated event will be sharing the work of ten incredible local artisans.

I am proud to be working with I Square on this event. Create Art 4 Good is an organization that seeks to get more art in the world, supporting local artists and community while paying it forward. I-Square has moved mountains in Irondequoit and is indeed one of the jewels of the Rochester area.

This brings me to my request of you. As a business owner in the area, I would like to offer you the opportunity to support this event while advertising your business. I am creating swag bag for attendees at the Art Pop-Up.  There will be all kinds of goodies placed in each bag, including art! I will happily place your coupon, advertisement or product in these swag bags. I anticipate creating a minimum of 300 bags.

This is I-Square’s largest event of the year, with over 1000 attendees last year, this is a perfect way to get your business some attention. I-Square has cemented a loyal community and I have no doubt that this event on September 30th, 2017 will be even better!

The cost to participate is  $50 plus whatever you would like to contribute to them. We will give out bags to the first very lucky 250 patrons.  Please fill out the registration form found here: Sponsor Irondequoit Pop-Up In order to ensure your advertisements/ swag are ready for our patrons, all submissions, materials, payments are due no later than September 18, 2017. Please register as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to pick up your contributions.

Thank you so much for helping this event be even more successful.

Wishing you every success.

Susan Carmen-Duffy

Create Art 4 Good


Spread Love not hate

GUYS! GUESS WHAT?!?!? I met with my printer this morning and the t-shirts you requested are becoming a reality! I will have a variety of sizes, also… men’s and women’s. Women’s are a cute v neck t shirt and men’s the more typical scoop neck. The fabric is soft and yummy! (I am just a tad excited.) Pricing will be reasonable- $20 or so. Please remember! As with everything at Create Art 4 Good, a donation will be made from every sale to a local charity.

NOW! What color t-shirt should we put this on! Let me know your thoughts?!

If you’d like to order, Please send me an email:


Irondequoit Pop-Up Art Market

More and more often it seems to me that you have to ask for what you want, you often get it. So, don’t be shy. Do what you need to do. 

I personally want there to be a stronger presence of art in the world. I live in Irondequoit, NY; so this part of the world seems pretty important to me. On the last day of September, there will be a “pop-up” art market in Irondequoit. I AM SO EXCITED!

Wendy Nolan ( one of the owners of I-Square) has graciously agreed to help me create this wonderful seed of an idea into a full blown reality. How amazing is that? I-Square will actually be celebrating autumn at the same time the art pop-up will be dazzling the hearts and souls of its attendees. 

So, details to follow.. but SAVE THE DATE

September 30th, 11 am until 5 pm

775 Titus Ave. 

you won’t want to miss this!

*** The First 250 Patrons will receive a VERY special swag bag!***


Happy birthday, Create Art 4 Good

Nine years ago, I jumped into the most glorious journey. I decided to begin the business of my dreams. It was important to me that I was able to bring all of me to the table. Artist, entrepreneur, community advocate, humanitarian and well.. you get the idea. I feel we are so fragmented in life; I wanted to share all the positive things I try to be. I wanted to create an environment that would not only help me to be successful, but also artists that I would choose to represent. 

And it happened. 

In the last six years I have written, re-written and adjusted my business plan eight times. Some were minor, some a little more. 

I have represented over three hundred artists (as well as myself!)

I have donated a portion of each and every sale to over seventeen different charities. 

I have facilitated children’s events, adult events, surprise parties, not so surprise parties, fund raisers, pop up art events, paint and pour events, openings, meetings, workshops, classes, charity events, and artist talks. 

I have had the distinct honor of hosting Louise Slaughter. 

I have been honored with several awards, newspaper and magazine articles. I am humbled by the support for this business in our community. 

I have grown, transitioned, and adjusted. I have learned several things that don’t work so well and so many things that work really well! 

I have been so incredibly blessed. 

Today- we celebrate, tomorrow, we get back to work. Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for supporting this work in progress, for showing up for workshops, for creating blessing bags, for having your mother’s surprise party here. Thank you for dropping in just to see how I am doing, for supporting the art and the artists. Thank YOU for the blessing you are to me. 

Today the gallery will be open from 11 am until 6 pm . If you come to visit, I will give YOU a birthday gift of 10% off your purchase. (my artists will get their entire commission, I promise) Also buy one get one free photo prints. Sound good? GREAT- come see me.  I look forward to our visit. 

Now help yourself to a cupcake! 

with love and big huge gratitude. 


Marisa Bruno

Once in a while you meet someone who is alarmingly together at a young age. They have a sense of who they are, they share that consistently, they seem to not be fearful of their own potential. Marisa is that person. 

Marisa, like each of my artists went through the jury process. She submitted photographs of her work, an artist statement, and a statement of intent. The jury hands down approved her work for exposition. Friday night, you will understand why. 

Marisa is a young artist, however her work ethic, her ideas and her spirit are MUCH older. Marisa is gracious and honest, she is full of life and wisdom. 

Her exhibit-” Barrier” is a big risk. Our idea of “beauty” is pushed a little. I find this work enchanting, real and honest. 

I hope you will join me tomorrow for Marisa’s opening. You will get to meet this incredible artist and take in her work. I promise, you will leave with a different view of life all together. 

 Barrier addresses time and change and its unique effects on our skin and body. Traditionally, the scars and imperfections gathered over a lifetime are hidden or masked. These paintings challenge this trend, reveling in color and texture in celebration of the regenerative and protective nature of the body. In short they describe the truth of the skin; neither perfect, nor smooth, but a unique shield and barrier.


Create Art 4 Good donates a portion of each sale to a local charity, Marisa’s charity of choice will be Boaters Against Cancer. Visit their website! 

Exhibition Open:
August 4 6-9 pm,
August 12, 10 am-3 pm,
August 10, 17 & 24 from 4-6 pm 

by chance or by appointment