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Susan Carmen-Duffy

I founded Create Art 4 Good in August of 2010. CA4G is the culmination of a lifetime of involvement in art,  with the ultimate goal of serving the community, especially those in need. My hope and dream was to not only make and facilitate art but also, pay it forward.

As of this posting (December 2023) I have been married for forty-three years to my childhood sweetheart. We have been blessed with three amazing children, also three “other children” – their partners and a beautiful granddaughter. My family is the core of my world, without them I would not be nearly as motivated to make this world a better place.

Would you believe that I believe I have always been an artist? (and you have too!) Receiving a new set of crayons (with a sharpener) was one of my greatest joys as a child. Art supplies have always been a priority! One year I received a “Gumby” light board. (remember Gumby and Pokey?! I am quite sure this dates me quite a bit, but it was a treasured item that I STILL HAVE!) As I recall, I was about seven or eight when that happened. I thought it was pretty darn nifty. I used it to reproduce the magazine I was writing and illustrating. (doesn’t everyone do this at seven?) I proudly distributed copies to my family and friends on my mother’s precious onion skin paper. It was magical for me- I suppose I should have known then that writing and art would be in my future.

My work in art is a marriage of as many media as I can incorporate into one successful piece. I love the dreamy quality of watercolor, the layering ability of colored pencils, the pizzazz of ink, and the magic of collage. While I began my professional career in art with hand-built pottery; I love papers, clay, paint, metal, textiles and there is nothing quite like a .005 black micron pen. I have countless ideas roaming around my heart that still need to be created.  One of my fondest wishes is to have the opportunity to do just that. Until then, they sit inside waiting patiently to bloom while I work on one at a time.

My lifelong journey has been one filled with countless joys and quite a few sorrows, but through it all, I have been blessed with many lessons to learn and experiences to grow from. I might not have always started out in the right place, but eventually, with determination and countless blessings, I have arrived where exactly I should be.

Raised in a home where taking care of your fellow human and opening your heart and home was a necessity, I have been instilled with the idea that paying it forward and taking care of another IS what makes me a wealthy woman. I understand fully that my bank account will always be modest, I also understand fully that when I am doing what I love, sharing my work, I am the richest woman alive.

I like helping people. Some would suggest (my husband) I NEED to. I think artists (and other fine humans) get in their own way. I think that sometimes you just need someone to believe in you, to share experience and encouragement. This is part of my mission, to encourage other artists to be more successful.  

In 2016 I created a greeting card company as a companion business to Create Art 4 Good. Greetings 4 Good utilizes art created by me as well as my sentiments and verse. Cards are a way to reach out and share love. While I am still working on getting each of the 1500 designs on the website, most of them are available at mu studio!

From 2012 until February of 2020, I had the honor of representing hundreds of artists. I facilitated a rotating exhibit each month in my brick-and-mortar at the historic Hungerford building in Rochester, New York. My artists were as young as four and as well aged as eighty-something. There were individual exhibits, group exhibits, socially conscious exhibits, and more. 

Along with the exhibitions, I held socially sensitive activities. It is important to reach out to our fellow humans whenever we can. Dignity and respect are priorities. Any of us could find ourselves in difficult places without notice.  I had drives to collect things for our local battered women’s shelter, made blessing bags for the un-housed, and had workshops for those ill with breast cancer. (the latter in honor of my mom, Barbara Carmen). I raised awareness for those challenged with PTSD- particularly military personnel. Along with an exhibition of military artists, we had lectures given by both medical personnel and military artists.  Also, from every sale a portion goes to a local charity.

I also love the facilitation of art- as I mentioned earlier, I believe there is an artist in each of us. After researching, reading, and experimenting with countless media, and several genres I have discovered a few I am fairly adept in. The wonder is that I feel confident and blessed to share that with others. The miracle is when I watch their creative door open, their spirits settle, and their joy bloom. It’s one of the most incredible feelings I could ever express.

Create Art 4 Good is a lovely mix of art that has been facilitated and needs a permanent home and art that is yet to be created. You see I love the entire process, from beginning to end. I am passionate about art, and the opportunity to make it and facilitate it for others. CA4G sort of created itself, I just happened to be blessed enough to pay attention.

So here I am, one blessed human on this incredible journey. I have been honored recently with recognition by magazines and the newspaper (On page three of the Oasis annual Report, Artist with HeartVive La DifferenceWoman to Watch), the 2014 Business Woman of the Year Award from the IACC as well as awards recognizing my art. I am thrilled to say that my art hangs across the globe, in homes and businesses. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to share this with you; however, I am excited to say that when I asked my granddaughter today what she wanted for her birthday, she asked me for a kite and a painting. To say that I feel like I have arrived is an understatement. When your five-year-old granddaughter wants a painting for her birthday- well, you have truly just won the jackpot! (Update: This is now a fond memory, I just couldn’t take it off the page!)


I know my story is just beginning. Create Art 4 Good, will celebrate fourteen years in August. Let me be clear, I don’t think that this is about me. I really believe this is a mission, my mission. I believe that this is driven by divine power and I am just lucky enough to be a part of it. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Edit: I could never share all the joys the last thirteen years have brought to my life. Make no mistake, there have been many challenges as well. However… while Create Art 4 Good has changed and grown, it is still my heart business, and onward we go. Thank you for your support and your love. 

Sending you so much love!

be blessed always,


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4 thoughts on “About the Founder

  1. Would like to join or get instruction about the Meditation and Meditative drawing class for doing zentangles and mandelas. Please let me know when you may be doing a class.

    1. Sue, Thanks so much for your interest! I will let you know when the next one occurs. Mandala and zentangle are gifts to me. I am happy to share the process with you. Also, I am happy to facilitate a workshop for you! Typically I ask for a minimum of six people. We can do this at your convenience! Blessings for a beautiful day!

  2. Good morning,
    Wondering if you might be interested in teaching a basic watercolor class at the Henrietta Senior Center in January?
    Thank you

    1. Shelly, let’s talk! I will send an email, perhaps we can work something out!
      I would love to work with you!

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