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CREATE ART 4 GOOD is an art gallery that supports unique and wonderful art, and talented artists while paying it forward. There is a new exhibition monthly, curated events and creative and socially conscious opportunities. 

Please visit us at as a part of the Central Creative(s)                                                        349 West Commercial Street Suite #2795, Studio #12                                                      East Rochester, New York  14445          

Directions: Create Art 4 Good is part of the Central Creative(s) at the Piano Works Mall in East Rochester.  If you park near the golf pro shop the door to the second floor is just to the left. You will see a sign above the entry indicating the door you should enter. Walk down the hall, make a right, that will lead you to a lovely elevator and a set of stairs. Take your pick! You will see Central Creative(s) as you get off the elevator and then you have arrived at the wonderful Create Art 4 Good! Welcome!



Regular Hours- at this point I am still getting settled, However, if you want a private tour of the new space (and to see my work in progress), call or email for an appointment!

By Chance or Appointment: Susan@CreateArt4Good.org
or 585-210-3161

Create Art 4 Good Mission

The mission of Create Art 4 Good is to support and promote artists actively working in the visual arts. Our mission is to not only foster artistic excellence and awareness but to serve those in need through the sale of our art. A portion of the commission of each sale goes to support a charity in our community.


Create Art 4 Good– is formed from a culmination of experience as an artist, advocate of the arts, sponsor of those in need along with a concentrated effort to give back to my community.

As a child, my parents set a fine example of what it meant to put others first. Our home was an open door. We would often we have people who I didn’t know over for dinner, to stay with us temporarily or perhaps we would deliver food, clothing or some other form of support to them. This became a way of life. Even when financially things were the tightest in my family my parents always tithed at least 10% of their income to give to Charity. This is a foundation for how I view my opportunity to give back to others, to “Pay it forward”.

As a lifelong artist, I have had the privilege to sell my work to others. There is enormous power and gratification in having the opportunity to share your art, your passions with others.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to manage a teaching art gallery, teach in galleries as well in schools, working with a wonderful variety of gifted artists ranging in age from 2 to 86. The motivation to continue these efforts, to promote art and artists is strong. I believe that art as essential to living as food and water. It will be my mission to not only promote art but to make it accessible to the common human and use to enhance daily life.

Marrying these two aspects of my life fulfills many dreams for me. I am highly motivated to serve others in whatever opportunity may come my way, and I am happiest serving in the world of art, creating it and supporting the work of others.

Create Art 4 Good is proud to host a rotating exhibit monthly, workshop opportunities as well as many offerings for the community at large. Please visit the events page for the latest details.

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Privacy Policy

We do not share the personal information of our clients of this business. Furthermore, if you choose to do business with us, via workshops, patronage of the arts or otherwise, we would never betray any information you have entrusted to us. Your privacy is as sacred as our own. Spam is rude, selling information is rude and we are NOT rude. 

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