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Happy New Year!

So, we are a week into the new year which for me seems to be flying by so quickly! I can hardly believe it. As always I have a renewed sense of optimism. 2017 is full of potential, full of opportunity.

Upon reflection, 2016 was a year of great growth for me. I figured out quite a few things, about me personally, about where I want to go with my life personally and professionally as well as diligently facing some dragons. 

I suspect 2017 will continue the growth. My heart is open and I am fully prepared for the wonder that lies ahead. The interesting thing is that I no longer reject the idea that sometimes growth is painful. It is almost as though the growing pains seem to cement the growth or perhaps give validation to it. 

I remember when my sons were growing rapidly during their early teens. They each seemed to pick a summer where they literally grew INCHES – I would massage their backs and their legs to help them relax so perhaps they could sleep. They were in so much pain. I remember buying pants for them 2-3 times in just a month or two. I couldn’t keep up with their growth. They became young men before my eyes. 

This feels the same, there are certainly growing pains, there are trials, sometimes even doubts, but the path seems fairly clear to me. I DO get discouraged, but usually that is when I am not listening, paying attention. To be brutally honest, the pain most comes when I doubt myself and run back to try to put on the old way of doing business and realize it doesn’t fit anymore. Just like my sons and their pants, I cannot go back. It is vital to continue to be open and follow my heart. 

So that’s it… no giant words of wisdom here, just follow your heart. YOU KNOW it’s true. When we listen, we succeed, when we doubt, we fall down and those growing pains take over. 

I’m listening….