The Thoughtfulness Project

I began “Greetings 4 Good” nearly three years ago as of this writing. My intent was pretty simple. I love making art and I love sending “happy mail! It was a very easy transition. I did the research, found a printer that has been so great to work with and proceeded. Now I have over 160 published designs. In October that number will change to over two-hundred! It is clear to me that the art of the card is not dead. It is clear to me that people not only enjoy buying cards but sending AND receiving them. 

This got me thinking. In my studio at home, I have a box. Inside the box are little gifts, cards, etc. I have literally labeled it “thoughtful”. If I come across something I like but don’t know who it is supposed to be for, I put it in that box. I return to the box when I feel like someone needs a card or a thought. We all have a rough day now and again and well, I have a box of goodies now!  It is rather helpful when I know someone needs a little love.

Over the years I have followed my heart when it comes to these things. I will send a card, a note or a little gift when “the spirit moves me”. Sometimes I hear back from the recipient, sometimes I do not. It is delightful when I hear, “your card came on the exact right day, I needed it!” 

It occurs to me yet again that peace and love begin with me. They begin with each of us. The giddiness you feel when you pay it forward is immeasurable. It is light. It dispels the darkness. 

So, that sort of thought is why I wanted to start the thoughtfulness project. I get excited when someone sends me a thoughtful text. If it is an email for no reason, I am thrilled. If it is a card in the mail for no reason at all, I have a mini party! 

I want to share that. 

I began the thoughtfulness project to offer an opportunity for communication or a sincere moment of kindness. You could send a card, write a note, buy someone coffee, pre-pay a toll for someone- it matters not.

Paying it forward is not a foreign idea at Create Art 4 Good (parent company to Greetings 4 Good). It is the foundation on which I have built this gallery. Now, I would like to take it a step further. I’d like to create a space in my gallery that honors this idea. I am not really certain how it will look, only that this needs to happen. In the beginning, I believe it will be a card/note kind of thing. 

The whole Idea is that we just consciously spread a little love in the world. I encourage you to participate as well! when you do so- please if you wish, post on social media! #thethoughtefulnessproject

Celebrate kindness, thoughtfulness and the idea of paying it forward. 

Let’s light up the world with love, and dispel the darkness and division.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, sending you great big love!