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about the thoughtfulness project

I began “Greetings 4 Good” in 2016. My intent was pretty simple. I love making art and I love sending “happy mail! It was a very easy transition. I did the research, found a printer that has been so great to work with and proceeded. Now I share about four-hundred designs! The response has been incredible, I am so grateful! It is clear to me that the art of the card is not dead. It is clear to me that people not only enjoy buying cards but sending AND receiving them. 

This got me thinking. In my studio at home, I have a box. Inside the box are little gifts, cards, etc. I have literally labeled it “thoughtful”. If I come across something I like but don’t know who it is supposed to be for, I put it in that box. I return to the box when I feel like someone needs a card or a thought. We all have a rough day now and again and well, I have a box of goodies now!  It is rather helpful when I know someone needs a little love.

Over the years I have followed my heart when it comes to these things. I will send a card, a note or a little gift when “the spirit moves me”. Sometimes I hear back from the recipient, sometimes I do not. It is delightful when I hear, “your card came on the exact right day, I needed it!” However, the bottom line for me is to do what I feel led to do, not necessarily get credit for it. 

It occurs to me yet again that peace and love begin with me. They begin with each of us. The giddiness you feel when you pay it forward is immeasurable. It is light. It dispels the darkness. 

So, that sort of thought is why I wanted to start the thoughtfulness project. I get excited when someone sends me a thoughtful text. If it is an email for no reason, I am thrilled. If it is a card in the mail for no reason at all, I have a mini party! 

I want to share that. 

I began the thoughtfulness project to offer an opportunity for communication or a sincere moment of kindness. You could send a card, write a note, buy someone coffee, pre-pay a toll for someone- it matters not. In recent years, I have offered daily or weekly prompts. I have offered 100-day creativity challenges,  sent goodies to those who might be living a stressful or lonely life. It isn’t about the object, it is about the thoughtfulness. It is exciting to see how this inspires another human. 

Paying it forward is not a foreign idea at Create Art 4 Good (parent company to Greetings 4 Good). It is the foundation on which I have built this business. The bottom line for me is not what my bank account may suggest as a success but that we just consciously spread a little love in the world. I encourage you to participate as well! when you do so- please if you wish, post on social media! #thethoughtefulnessproject

Celebrate kindness, thoughtfulness, and the idea of paying it forward. 

Let’s light up the world with love, and dispel the darkness and division.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, sending you great big love!



Past Projects

Signs of love-  Hand-painted signs, installed as an act of love, celebration, and kindness








Be You- a seven-week project with Meditation, Creativity, and inspiration to pay it forward. 

Our world today is full of stress and strife. We know that creativity is not only a wonderful distraction but can heal, equalize stress, and encourage the discouraged. Altogether is an attempt to encourage the light within even in the most challenging of times. We will do this together (separately!)

Daily you can check in to see the prompts, mini-lesson or other inspirational wonders. Share on Instagram, on Facebook, on wherever you wish! (You could be featured on my website and social media!)

You will create in your own space, in your own time! Be inspired, feel free to share!

NO special materials are required! We will work with what we have.
Feel no pressure to complete every day, but feel encouraged to participate as fully as what gives you joy! Create through this together! ARE you ready?

Send a little Love Month

It is so interesting to me, it feels like we reserve celebrations and gift giving to the days the world has informed us that we should. I believe more than ever we need to share the deepest most powerful parts of ourselves: the ability to share love.
So here is your challenge!
In the month of February, there are twenty-three mailing days available. You are challenged to send a card/note/doodle or whatever you’d like to CREATE and put it in an envelope to mail to someone who just might need a little love, is having a birthday, is going through something, who makes you smile, who really needs a thank you for all they do, who … well, you get the idea. Each day I will post some sort of printable that you can use in your mailing. You are welcome to use them or not. This whole project should be pretty affordable. Stamps are about $13. a few envelopes, paper, and art supplies? You can do this for around $20.
The only thing I ask is that you post a photo each day of what you are mailing. It will inspire others and help each of us celebrate the month of love!
Don’t be intimidated! This could be a post-it note, card, or a letter! Whatever works for you! There are no rules really- Just commit, get creative, and share! (Both with us and your mailbox!)
If you wish to join, please private message me with your email address – I am creating a group on facebook AND a page on the Greetings 4 Good page with all the good stuff to share and inspire.

Thank you for even considering this! I am 100% positive that you sharing your love with result in love right back to you! It feels so good! Share your love!






I am in the mood to share all kinds of goodies with you, So, let’s gather the best part of ourselves and share a little love. This project will be creative some days, reflective others, sometimes thoughtful, but always inspiring! Walk with me for this project- let us see what love we can share, not only with the world, but also ourselves!

A month of Gratitude! (2018)

The prompts continue! Grab a fresh journal and explore with vigor the attitude of gratitude! Gratitude helps us to find balance and perspective. We explored this a bit in September, We shall find a deeper path in November.

Would you like to make a journal in preparation for this month-long experience? Visit Create Art 4 Good on October 27th to create your unique and wonderful journal. Tickets are available on Eventbrite Space is very limited!


Just One word- Challenge

Creativity has been proven to offer balance, inspiration, and mindfulness to the human experience. Our challenge for October is simple (SO SIMPLE!) Each day I will post a word in a private group (you must sign up to participate) and it is up to you how you will illustrate that word.

Create a response to the word, draw it on the beach, illustrate the word, share the meaning of the word! Your response can be anything you choose, a poem, fibre, paint, etch a sketch, assemblage- ANYTHING! Please be bold and share what you create, you will inspire others! Let’s walk and play together!

Post Cards from the Heart

What happens when you ask wonderful humans to create a post card sized piece of art to benefit those in need? Post Cards from the heart. The response has been AMAZING!

What can YOU DO? Come to Create Art 4 Good- 1115 E. Main Street, Suite #201 (door #5) Rochester, NY 14607 and donate a minimum of $10 (cash only) for each postcard sized art to support the Irondequoit Community Cupboard. The opening is July 7th @ 6PM.
Exhibit will be open: First Friday- July 7 6-9PM
Saturday, July 8- 10am-3pm
Thursdays 13th and 20th Noon til 6pm.
by chance or by appointment!

All profits will be donated to the Irondequoit Community Cupboard. Summer months can be so difficult because children are not benefiting from breakfast and lunch at school. Children are hungry seven days a week!

May 2018- Makers May Bloom!

Maker’s May Bloom:
Each Sunday you will receive a prompt that
that inspires and guides you through
a technique that will continue to build
to one incredible piece of art that is wholly YOU!
Join me for the Merry Month of May
to intentionally explore creativity and
the balance it brings to our everyday lives.


Create Blessing Bags- quarterly (and sometimes more) we create Blessing Bags for those we come upon who might just need a little bit of love. Inside each bag is a hand-created love note (art and positive messages are always good!) There are snacks, there are toiletries, a little of this and a little of that. While CA4G & the Thoughtfulness project sponsors these events, the community often helps with their snazzy art skills, giant hearts, and generous spirits.  Pay it forward- doing it with big love!

Pay it forward- Paint & Pour for Puerto Rico December 16, 2017

We are working to assist relief efforts after the disaster in Puerto Rico. Come and create two unique and wonderful wine glasses and support the rebuilding of Puerto Rico! Profits will be donated! Reserve your spot today- $40 for each seat! Please feel free to bring a munchie or drinks to share- Let us celebrate life and pay it forward together!



Mandala for Peace Come create a community mandala for peace. Each grain of sand honors your good intentions. Explore the mandala work of Susan Carmen-Duffy & Stefani Tadio. Celebrate love and peace! The creation of this mandala will be a month-long process. We will create peace together.