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Call for Art – 2020

Update: This call for art has been tabled for now. The world we are living in dictates that we take a break. Thank you for your interest. Opportunities WILL be forthcoming. 

June- 2020- Make Some Noise    

As artists, we have the unique opportunity to express our concerns and views with our art. In today’s turbulent social and political world, you are invited to share your views as a form of activism. The elections are close at hand, how will you influence voters? What concerns do you have? Climate change, foreign policy, women’s rights? Use your art to make a difference.

Questions? Contact Susan Carmen-Duffy –

By applying the artist agrees to:

  1. Display Rules for Create Art 4 Good Studio & Gallery will accept 2-D and 3-D artworks created in any medium. All items must be created by the individual who submits the artwork. Special themed exhibitions may include unique requirements that will be specified in each “Call for Art” documentation.
    • All hanging pieces need to have a secure wire-hanging device attached to the back positioned in the top quarter of the frame height (saw-tooth hangers are NOT allowed).
    • No wet paint will be accepted for display.
    • All 3-D artwork and assemblages should be able to stand alone or secured to a base, prop or framed without loose pieces.
    • Large works must be able to fit through our doorway. Please discuss heavy works with Susan Carmen-Duffy (owner/curator)  before delivering to the gallery.
    • Works on paper, especially prints and photographs, must be framed under glass. Exceptions must be reviewed and approved by Susan Carmen-Duffy.
    • Submitted work will be rejected at take-in if these conditions are
    not met.                                                                                                                   All work to be displayed in Create Art 4 Good Studio & Gallery, as well as events will be reviewed and juried by Create Art 4 Good Studio & Gallery representatives, invited guest jurors, to assure the works meet our display
    requirements, quality standards, and other exhibit specifications. The
    decisions of the selected jury and representatives will be considered
    final and not negotiable.
  2. Pick up of Artwork after Exhibits: Please note that artwork must be picked up on the designated dates/time specified in the exhibit Call for Art unless
    other arrangements have been made. If artwork is not picked up then,
    it will be moved temporarily to an unsecured location. If
    the artwork is not claimed within 14 days after closure of the exhibit, the work/items become the property of Create Art 4 Good and will be disposed of as seen fit. It is the responsibility of the artist to pick up their work in a timely manner. 
  3. Reproduction: Artist agrees to allow Create Art 4 Good to
    represent the artwork on display for the purposes of marketing and
    publicity. Create Art 4 Good does not imply any claim to
    ownership or copyright. All rights remain the property of the artist.
  4. Liability & Agreement: By accepting this agreement, the Artist
    agrees to release, defend and hold harmless Create Art 4 Good,
    and all their officials and volunteers from and against any and all
    losses, costs, damages, liability, or expenses (including any attorney’s
    fees) arising out of or resulting from any accident, bodily injury,
    property loss of the occurrences to any person or persons in service of
    this Agreement or any part thereof.
    The artist unconditionally guarantees that any elements of text,
    graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to
    Create Art 4 Good for inclusion and sale are owned by the artist,
    or that the artist has permission from the rightful owner to use each of
    these elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend Create Art 4 Good from any claim or suit arising from the use of such
    elements furnished by the artist.
    Create Art 4 Good is not responsible for loss or damage and does
    not carry insurance on artwork/items. The insurance of artwork/items is
    the individual artist’s own responsibility.
    Artist acknowledges receipt of the Create Art 4 Good Studio & Gallery Display Rules and agrees to follow the rules. Artist understands that failure to follow the rules will result in forfeiture of eligibility to display and sell art at the Create Art 4 Good Studio & Gallery.