Gifted- A Curated Holiday Boutique

The Holiday Boutique begins November 23 and ends December 22.


What happens when a group of artists gather together in one place? MAGIC!

This holiday season (beginning November 23 @ 10 am) the work of twenty- three artists will be shared at Create Art 4 Good! Their work will provide the most wonderful gift giving opportunity for you! I am thrilled to share this opportunity with you and them. Allow me to introduce them!

Maia Horvath

I have always created in some form or fashion. It has always been my safe haven and private place where I can fall into another realm which allows me to gain a perspective on life’s good and life’s hard situations. It may be that it’s a time to shut down the distractions, gain clarity and meditate.

When I was a young child, playing didn’t satisfy me like making stuff did.  Fortunately, my parents supported creativity and a family friend took me under her wing and taught me how to sew, macramé, etc.   I always found myself figuring out a way to create, even when I didn’t have traditional supplies or means. And so, I became innovative with my approach.

I don’t sleep well. I have a “Busy Brain”, many ideas and creative concepts come to me while I try to sleep, or in my dreams. How blessed am I, that I can get up in the morning and create my dreams?! I know God has a hand in my creative journey. There are times when creating that I don’t feel myself, it’s as if something else is laying down the paint, paper, or blending clay.  It is a mind-blowing experience!

Women tend to be the subjects in my artwork. Maybe it’s the curve of a woman’s body, or the soft expressions in her face that appeal to me. There is a gentleness and an air of whimsy that I hope touches people in some positive way.  Part of my aesthetic is to upcycle/repurpose – canvases, frames, bottles and vases, jewelry, vintage lace, and trim etc. I love so many mediums that it’s difficult to just pick one, so I use many: paint, paper, found objects, and my favorite, Polymer Clay. I have focused on mastering polymer clay (still learning), it is magical! It is a very versatile medium which offers a way to incorporate details to some of my work. My works include mixed medium collages, Wall Dolls, Polymer Clay Ladies, and Jewelry

Jackie Baker

I love the idea of repurposing something. I enjoy taking an object and transforming it into something new and beautiful; giving it a new life. I also love to create and make beauty through art. That was the inspiration for this show. In combining those two things you could take many routes in the realm of art, but I chose to explore wearable art. The idea was very appealing to me as it allowed me to reuse something preexisting and also make art that you could take with you. Last Christmas I received fabric paint and a few jackets from Goodwill with the instructions to “go crazy.” Armed with Pinterest inspiration I got to work, and over the course of a year and change created this collection of wearable art. Working on this show was definitely a trial and error type deal, seeing what worked on what fabric, integrating the use of bleach pens, etc. It was fun, experimental, and allowed me to really be creative with my work. This work reflects me and what I find beautiful and inspiring.

Stefani Tadio

Stefani is a self-taught paper artist specializing in original designs stitched on paper & wood with colorful specialty threads and embellished with tiny seed beads and crystals.

Her work combines technology with the artisan tradition.  Stefani has her designs laser cut with miniscule precision. She then stitches each piece by hand with needle and thread, one stitch at a time.

She sells her handcrafted goods through art fairs and local stores; see her website for more information,

When not making her own art, Stefani is busy with related activities. She is the founder of Rochester Artisans, a networking group with over 2400 members.




Stephanie Yoo

Lori Prince

Artist statement:

Don’t we all love being outside? I feel at peace when I’m in my garden. Taking in the wonders of nature that surround me keeps me connected, whole.  It feeds my soul. By capturing these fleeting flowers, plants and patterns in precious metal clay and making them into jewelry, we can carry along a piece of that joy we feel when we’re out in nature.


I use themes of love, friendship, the natural world and travel in my work, and think of it as “inspired living jewelry”. Carrying beautiful representations of these things that pay tribute reminds us to honor and keep the sacred; ground us, recharge us. One of my first loves being photography,  I incorporate photos that I’ve made into displaying my jewelry and enhancing the story of the piece and the experience for the customer.



Artist Bio:


Lori has always been a maker of things and hopes to always be. The natural world is her muse- plants, flowers, patterns in nature, she finds it all so beautiful and engaging.

Continuously inspired to create; jewelry, food, bread, gardens, photographs, afghans, baked delectables, the list goes on- her hands are rarely idle. She likes to collect pretty, small treasures from places visited, experiences had, & people she’s known.  Making jewelry out of PMC with some of these things lets her capture the beauty of the day, season, experience and turn it into something else joyful.


She likes to work with PMC because it’s a forgiving and versatile medium. It’s a clay like material that has fine silver particles suspended in it.  It has the play factor of clay with the beauty and enduring qualities of fine silver.. Sterling silver completes many of the pieces and turns the fleeting beauty of a flower held and treasured in fine silver into strong, wearable art.

Lori has studied metalsmithing at the Memorial Art Gallery, precious metal clay classes at the Genesee Center of the Arts and continuing education, and is self-taught from years of “playing around”.


She studied photography in college, and although gravitated to the science side of optics as a career, has always loved the artful part of photography as a hobby. She’s recently started to use photos she’s made into making displays for her jewelry.  She loves traveling and using photography to capture the time, place and feel of these experiences. The pairing of these pictures with the jewelry reflects back the beauty of the places that inspired them.  

She hopes people feel the connection and beauty of nature while wearing her pieces.



“Live life to the fullest & enjoy every ounce you can squeeze out.”  She believes art should engage the soul, feed the spirit and also help the community.  Lori donates 100% of sales of her “crystal blue persuasion” earring line to groups helping women that are going through ovarian cancer treatment in honor of her cousin Robyn, and her friend, Terryn.

Marian Cameron

Daniel Bentley


Belinda Brasley

I am a novice artist and enjoy creating visual art in many forms.  I have never met a medium that I didn’t love. My approach to art is that everything is an experiment. I have found art journals to be a safe place to explore my inner self and enjoy making art journals for myself and my friends. I recently learned to make EcoArt prints (also known as boiled book pages) from flowers and leaves. I love the surprise of opening the papers and seeing the shapes and colors that plant matter has imprinted onto the paper. I have begun incorporating these beautiful pages into my art journals.

Marian Bauman-O’Dell

Rachael Gootnick

Doreen Spoor

When someone lights a Peace + Joy scented candle it means they have settled down at home and are ready for relaxation, maybe the company of a friend, a home cooked meal, a good book, just enjoying the space they have created for themselves.  Clean scents are phthalate-free, cotton wick, soy wax and glass jar specified for candle burning.  A perfect gift for yourself.  Enjoy!

Doreen Spoor – Peace and Joy Candles





Denise Duellman








Susan Goodno – Mom and art coach of Addi and Aubree

Our daughters, Addi and Aubree, have had a knack of finding 4 leaf clovers in our yard since they were 5 years old.   Initially, we didn’t save many of them, but as they started to find these in abundance, they started giving them to friends, family and neighbors as well as using them in craft projects. Their first venture into making jewelry was a direct result from our neighbor asking them to make him a good luck charm as he underwent Chemo treatments. After many trials and errors with materials and processes, the girls have found a unique and creative way to share their good luck with others!  That is how AG Too Designs was born.