Greetings 4 Good

Changing the world, one greeting card at a time!

The motivation to begin a greeting card company began decades ago. (truth be told, it was about half a century ago!) It is funny how life sometimes brings you full circle. Since I was a young child, creating cards has been a “thing”. I remember being quite young and visiting my great grandmother. She was gravely ill. I was convinced that making cards would heal her. While the idea might be slightly naive, I do believe there was validity in the intent. I made her several cards, some from folded paper, some from leftover Christmas cards, each was filled with great love. Each made that sweet woman’s lips part in a quiet smile.

I believe that my business life just finally caught up with my heart.

I have lived a lifetime of creating and sending greeting cards. I have been a card-carrying member of the local stationery shops, I have been known to send a card for no particular reason, as well as every possible reason. In 2016, I took a chance and launched Greetings 4 Good. The intent was the same as Create Art 4 Good, to make a difference in the world in the most wonderful and beautiful way. Now I have over two hundred and twenty-five designs. My cards have traveled all over the country and quite a few out of the United States borders. It has been an honor to see the growth.

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The home of Greetings 4 Good is inside Create Art 4 Good Gallery & Studio, 1115 E. Main Street, Suite #203, Rochester, 14609.