Mission Statement

Create Art 4 GOOD Mission

The mission of Create Art 4 Good is to support and promote artists actively working in the visual arts. Our mission is to not only foster artistic excellence and awareness but to serve those in need through the sale of our art.

Call for creatives, loving souls, artists! Creative HUMANS UNITE! It is time to come together and share INCREDIBLE work, we will PAY IT FORWARD. CA4G is switching it up a notch. We still seek quality work to share on our site, but YOU my friend are in charge of YOUR success. You are MOST welcome and invited to join forces with the other creative souls- please contact Susan regarding the very easy process to become the next CA4G Artist! Susan@CreateArt4Good.org.
Create Art 4 Good chooses to “pay it forward” in the most wonderful way. It involves artists, their art and serves our community at large. A piece of work is offered for sale, upon the sale of that piece, the patron chooses which charity 20% of the profits from her (or his) purchase will benefit. In the end, the artist has the opportunity to create more art, the gallery is able to sustain and continue good works and the designated charity has more capital to heal, build and care for our community.

Create Art 4 Good is honored to serve… <3 share the love <3