Our Artists

Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.
Khalil Gibran

It’s a magical combination wonderful art, a generous spirit and a sincere desire to help your fellow human. One of the clichés I utter most seems to be, “we are all in this together.” It’s true, no question. The difference between knowing that and living it seems to be the personal conviction to take action.

We are “busy” in general. There seems to always be something on everyone’s calendar. It is difficult enough to get your laundry done let alone take time to help your fellow human being. I suggest to you that there is NO GREATER reward than to slow down enough to do just that.

Create Art 4 Good Artists share their belief in this mission by actively paying it forward with their time and talents. Each artist involved has given beyond what is expected in order to further the mission of this humble organization. Our artists, the backbone of this organization create incredible work doing incredible good. WE are truly blessed!

Introducing the Create Art 4 Good Team:

Tom Bardo
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I first met Tom several years ago at a single parent family camp my sister and her family were attending. He instantly began calling me “sis” and truly has lived up to the status of becoming a brother to me. When I began my vocation with Create Art 4 Good, he was one of the very first people I thought about inviting to join the mission. Tom’s humble nature and incredible gift for detail and to listen to his art made him an obvious choice. Tom’s work is unbelievable, his ability to finish a piece honors every single beautiful surface and his conviction to only use wood that has fallen naturally make his work powerful and unique. Please visit Tom’s page for further details on this gifted artisan.

Susan Carmen-Duffy
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Art is a gift to me. The ability to share it is an honor, the ability to share it and PAY IT FORWARD is a privilege. CA4G is my heart’s art- truly. As far as my work, there are very few media in which I do not work. In my world each medium has its own strength, once you mix them together you have the ability to use them to their fullest potential to create a strong piece of work. Please visit my page to learn more about my work.

Meaghan Duffy
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Meaghan has explored many media. She is a very talented musician, an able figure artist, an emergent potter, not to mention her gift with furniture and the art of mosaic. However, about a year ago Meaghan fell in love with fabric and the wonderful world of quilting. She has never sewn a stitch in her life and yet she taught herself to sew and made TWO quilts in less than five days (while working TWO jobs!) Since then she has bloomed as a fiber artist, embracing the plethora of fabrics available as her pallet. From wallets to King sized quilts- Meaghan embraces her incredible gifts and shares them with CA4G- Please visit her page to see more!

Sherie Griffith
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I have been honored to know Sherie for a good part of my lifetime. She became a dear friend when we both lived in south central Pennsylvania. Sherie was one of the first artists in which I celebrated an annual activity called “Art Night”. It was inspiring to share a dedicated time in which to create and celebrate art, life and wonder. Sherie’s skill is unmatched. She is a wizard with a pencil, you will see it is difficult to believe that her imagery is not in fact a photograph. She has been an inspiration to me, a cheerleader for my work and my mission. She is an all around good soul. I am blessed to call her a partner in the efforts for Create Art 4 Good. Please visit her page for more information on her work.

Marlene Caroselli

Marlene came to me and offered her help. Does it get better than that? An author and educator. she now spends much of her time exploring art and giving all of the proceeds from the sale of her art to charities. Upon meeting Marlene I felt as though I had known her a lifetime. Her kindness was flourishing, her humility and generosity blooming. We are blessed to call her a pay it forward artist- Please visit her page to see more about her work.

Desmond French

Desmond’s talent was inspiring the very first time I met him. He worked with me on our high school yearbook. Always ready to capture a photograph, Desmond displays such depth with his camera. His imagery isn’t merely a photograph, it is truly art. Desmond is an emerging artist, and I cannot wait to see what he does next! Please visit his page to see his work.