September 2018 Creative Challenge


The September Artist Challenge will go for the entire month of September- a new prompt will arrive every other day or so. The goal is to grow a little, as a human, as an artist!

So… rule number one! Be nice to yourself. This challenge is for you to feel a little inspiration, a little growth, and experience a different creative path.
I believe with my whole heart that art heals, art inspires, and art encourages growth. I believe that when we see ourselves more clearly, more authentically and we take that opportunity to be so, we bloom.
As the facilitator, I want to meet you where you are right now. So please be authentic and open. NO ONE Is judging anything! We have all levels of artists here- the idea is to begin where you are and grow to another place.
That said, kindness is expected ALWAYS (toward yourself and toward others, please)
So here is the first prompt! For those of you who did the first or second challenge with me, this is completely different! I hope you enjoy it.
Time to bloom, my friends! I am just an email away if you need me (


My sister said it best – September 1st seems to be almost like January 1st in many ways. I have worked in the educational world for most of my working life. It is a moment to take stock, review my goals, focus my energy for autumn and buy new notebooks! (Hello, my name is Susan and I am a stationeryaholic!) This year – September is about change and growth for me. I have “retired” from my “working for the man” life and now work only for ME! This challenge is an effort to grow, personally, in my art and in my very authentic journey.
I truly believe that as we listen to our very DNA, and ‘live our fingerprint”, things align, we can as the cliché says, “live our best life”. It has taken me literally half a century to figure this out. Attempting to “be” someone else, no matter how fantastic of a human they might be will never be my true successful path. I can ONLY be the best version of me.
All of this said… these prompts are like a new exercise program. Exercise your body, your spirit and your creative soul. One activity builds on the next, and the next. Have fun with it, I hope you find that each investment is life-giving. Thank you for joining me on this journey.
So, here we go! On to day #2. Let’s begin simply, shall we? When I ask you what your favorite color is, it is simply to create an easy and accessible gateway to this challenge as a whole. Sometimes we get ourselves so stuck because we fear we cannot perform, or rise to an occasion. I am pretty sure you have known your favorite color since you were four years old. It might have changed over the years, but this is usually a defined part of you!
Next! The getting to the physical part. Stretching and even getting as wild as to participate in Yoga have medically proven to reduce pain, stress, depression and a whole host of other issues. I am no doctor, I am not suggesting you do more than you can- I am also not suggesting anything in particular- I do know as an artist, I tend to get very involved in my work and forget to move. So- let’s move more together. Next… a new recipe- or remake something in a different way~ again.. a gateway to creativity!
Your gratitude exercise is to simply write a thank you note. To anyone for anything!
Finally- the creative bit- When I think about my favorite season, It is the elements of that season that move me so profoundly. I easily attach to those things which is probably why the season is so inspiring to me. So… explore- draw, paint, collage, use pipe cleaners- Whatever makes YOU happy- an element of your favorite season (which we established on day 1!)
Most of all- have fun. This is supposed to be a deep breath in a hectic life. I wish you peace and greatest joy today- thank you for sharing this journey with me. <3