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This is the day….

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So- to be honest I feel like I have been preparing for this day for the entirety of my fifty years. I have been struggling with an actual “launch” date for some time now, however, it always seemed that I should attend to another detail, or wait for the perfect time. Imagine my surprise today when something in me decided that this was the day. I didn’t do anything special, but the time has come. Dreams come true. Today is proof… I invite you to join me in this journey

It will be simple at first, blooming in the most beautiful way…

Create Art 4 Good- is formed from a culmination of experience as an artist, advocate of the arts, sponsor of those in need along with a concentrated effort to give back to my community.

As a child my parents set a fine example of what it meant to put others first. Our home was an open door. We would often we have people who I didn’t know over for dinner, to stay with us temporarily or perhaps we would deliver food, clothing or some other form of support to them. This became a way of life. Even when financially things were the tightest in my family my parents always tithed at least 10% of their income to give to Charity. This is a foundation for how I view my opportunity to give back to others, to “Pay it forward”.

As a lifelong artist I have had the opportunity to sell my work to others. There is enormous power and gratification in having the opportunity to share your art, your passions with others. I have been blessed with the opportunity to manage a teaching art gallery. I have taught art in schools, as well as galleries working with artists from 2 to 86. The motivation to continue these efforts, to promote art, artists is strong. I believe that art as essential to live as food and water.

Marrying these two aspects of my life fulfills many dreams for me. I am highly motivated to serve others in whatever opportunity may come my way, and I am happiest serving others in the world of art, creating it and supporting the work of others.

In the beginning, I want to share with you gifts I have discovered along the way in this blog. It seems in my efforts for simplification, I have gained so much. I will continue this blog while I move on to the next part of my journey. I hope that you will participate. I pray for your grace as I move through each step of my business plan. ( for those of you who know me, I know you are shocked that there is an actual business plan! ) I am excited about the future, I am excited to use the gifts I have been given, and I am honored to serve in this most wonderful way!

I invite you- to “Pay it forward” in your own way, to simplify- to truly taste all that is offered in this world. Together, we will make a difference.

In peace –
Susan Carmen-Duffy