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The art of… Monday morning…

The Art of ….Monday morning…

A closeup of a yellow mum flowerGood morning… it seems to me that Mondays are the day we look forward to least.(okay, maybe tax day is worse) Why have we given Monday such a bad rap? For the large part of the population Monday mean the return to work after having perhaps two days off. Two days to do what we want, catch up on that things to do list and perhaps enjoy family time, a social engagement or some other fun. Usually mid-day on Sunday many of us begin to whine ,”I don’t WANT to go back to work, tomorrow.” It seems to be that we resist the order of things, the obligation, or perhaps we just don’t love our job.

Well…I have drawn one conclusion- it’s MY fault, if I don’t like Mondays.

Work seems to be more than a pay check. If it were just one of those necessary evils, I am going to suggest we wouldn’t be nearly as effective as humans. I know, money is a strong motivator. Being able to feed your family, drive a car and have a roof over your head is pretty much a need. I understand. HOWEVER, regardless of what you do it is up to YOU to do it well and bring the best to the table with it.

Let me explain… I have no illusions that each of us loves our jobs. There have been times in my life that I have held positions that were less than inspiring to me. I have told my husband countless times that “I just want to do art”. (hear SPOILED BRAT) However, I believe that every Monday (and the rest of the days of the week) will be made much better by MY attitude.

Bring negative, get negative back… it’s simple- what you put in, is what you are going to get back

It’s really about that whole gratitude thing again. I am GRATEFUL to have a job. I am able to provide health care for my family, I believe that on some level I do make a difference and well, I am grateful because especially these days not everyone can say that enjoy that comfort. So right from the beginning, I am more blessed than many can say.

So that said, if I am able to approach my job or really anything with gratitude instead of dread, chances are I will be much happier regardless of the job I drive to every weekday morning. I am not suggesting that if we are grateful, fairies fly around our heads and rainbows shadow every office wall, I am merely suggesting that if I approach my work, my world with a positive attitude, remember to be grateful for what I have it changes the dynamic, it gives me the ability to see things in a new light and perhaps it even helps me work through the frustrations.

So… happy Monday- I hope that somehow your new Monday morning attitude is positive- (attitude of gratitude!) have a great day!

In Peace-