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The art of…. a kind word.

The art of… a kind word.

A lone duck swimming in a lake.
all alone…

It’s simple, right? We stumble through life just trying to get to the next step effectively. We work, we play, we think, breathe, eat and sleep. This is life, come what may.

You and I both know that life is anything but simple. In fact simple seems to be actually something we try to attain. I believe changing your world view has something to do with it. I seem to be clearly on this general “kick” of gratitude and of consciousness. It is vital to me to not only notice the flowers planted along my journey but to appreciate them. I admit there are some whirlwind days that I hardly notice even the most precious gifts, fortunately evening comes, I have the opportunity to rest and then I am able to rise with a new perspective.

My message today… you are NOT alone. You aren’t, I’m not… None of us are. That message came ringing loudly to me this morning. Let me explain.

This morning, I came into work with a full agenda. Every single moment counts today! It does every day, but I rarely pack in every moment of the day. Well today is THAT day. Every moment is dedicated to work, health and taking care of my family. Needless to say I was overwhelmed before getting out of bed at five-something this morning.

The early morning went well – I was able to get some work done, some cleaning and even a bit of laundry! My son got up a bit late- which started to ramp up the stress level for me. Upon our arrival at work I decided I was not being as effective with my time as I could. You know, when you start to beat yourself up for not being able to clone yourself and do about 56 things at once? I actually had one of those, and then came the ohhhhh I just want to paint today, moment.

So you feel it right? STRESS City! Yearning for something else, a little panicky about my schedule…

THEN the most amazing thing happened….

A friend who I rarely get to see, passed me in the hall ( I was taking photographs for a project at work) and said to me,


“SUSAN! Did you see that I re-posted part of your blog?” (on facebook)

I admitted that I had not, and smiled, and thanked her (I was thrilled!)- I was truly excited that she felt the words were important. Then as she passed she said-

“Thank you, I really needed that.”

I was stunned. STUNNED!

Guess what? I really needed THAT. The whole goal, I believe is to take care of each other. That moment, seemed rather mutual. I felt affirmed, positive and good about stringing a few words together. The words she posted were those of St. Theresa. They came ringing true once again for me.

“May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.”

It’s the simple things – I promise you! Her words washed over me like a brilliant sunrise. Suddenly I felt the blessing of truly being conscious in my journey and trying to be faithful to my dreams.

To my friend.. I am grateful, I am willing to bet she has no idea what her kind words meant to me but I will make certain that her kind word is returned ten fold.

Thank you- Barb…

In peace,