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The art of…the journey

The art of… the journey.

A closeup of a leaf on a tree that is changing from green to red as it is autumn.

August began a most wonderful journey for me. I say wonderful, and I truly mean wonderful, but I do not mean always “happy”.

Like any journey, there have been a few overwhelming moments on this path to “Create Art 4 Good” and yes, you guessed it. I am grateful for them.

You see, if this road were easy or without challenge, well, then one might question my conviction. While this journey seems incredibly directed and progressive, it is certainly NOT moving as fast as I would like it to, (note to self, patience is a virtue!) and there have been a few glitches here and there.

Regardless, or maybe BECAUSE of this I KNOW I am on the right path.

For years, I have pondered how I can use my art to make a difference in the world. I have never been the artist who sought fame or even fortune; more desirable to me has been a meaningful way to use my talents for good. I have worn the typical artist hats -displaying my work in galleries, weathering numerous art shows, and even had the honor of teaching the wonder of Art. Art has tremendous power for me and it is clear to me that art should have a strong presence in my future.

Evident to me was that I must listen to the experience from MY journey. I had to know what MY success was, and not attempt to give in and pigeon hole myself into the societal view of success.

After months of preparations, business plans, research, advice from experts, more research and re-writing the business plan I launched Create Art 4 Good- I was energized that what I was doing was the key in the door to my future. It answered all the questions that had been swimming in my head for decades.

I am amazed at this. Each day I wake up and I KNOW what I am supposed to do next. I don’t always know WHY at that very moment… but typically the reason becomes fairly clear quickly. I suppose that is where faith enters the picture. Without faith the more difficult days would be too dark, the potholes might swallow me up and the joy of the journey might not be as rich.

Faith gives me the ability to trust the journey and while I certainly have an end goal, I have no real clue where I will wind up. The blessings I have witnessed as a result of this fairly new adventure (if you don’t count the thirty plus years of preparations) have been countless. Artists who have been worn by their own professional journey have found new motivation to create, strangers have contacted me to ask how they can be a part of this, positive efforts have flourished, and there have been countless unexpected surprises along the way.

I am so very blessed.

My point? Trust your journey. in this amazing process of doing what I NEEDED to do, I have found that my process has affected the journey of others in ways I could have never anticipated. It seems very simple – You will find the answer if you listen carefully… put good out in the world, you will get it back tenfold.

I pray you are enjoying your journey- I am so blessed by this life and mine

In peace-