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The art of… the little things

We humans seem to spend a great deal of time stumbling through this life. I often neglect to take in the very things that give me the greatest joy. I remember someone posting not too long ago that they had seen a DOUBLE rainbow (not even a just a single one) along the same path I had just been at almost exactly the same time. They posted a picture on facebook. Yet I sat there confused, how on earth had I missed this?

They say that you learn and Relearn your lessons until you learn them well. I would suggest that based on my personal experience this is VERY true. It is clear to me that I miss the little things all too often. I get caught up in the next task or deadline and miss the double rainbows. Busy creates a situation where we seem to blunder through life, missing the daisies that are peaking through the cracks of the sidewalk, or the soft falling snow decorating our world with winter wonder.

Do you remember the last time you entered someone’s home and their efforts of the day were clear to your senses? The amazing scent of home cooking and the visual steaming pots suggested not only the obvious opportunity for nourishment, but indeed a form of love, bestowed upon those invited to their table. How about a hand-made thank you note from your favorite niece or nephew? First- WOW a thank you note (a dying art) and secondly, how lovely that she took the time to create her masterpiece just for you?

I have a friend who teaches me repeatedly the art of gratitude for what I consider to be “a little thing”. My friend has had health challenges her entire life, she handles her challenges with grace and tenacity. Recently her challenges have become more complicated. She now has an even more limited diet to go along with her usual menu of challenges and eating the wrong thing could make her incredibly ill and even send her to the hospital. Many of us wouldn’t handle that terribly well. Food is so much more than nourishment, it is used to celebrate, to mourn, to heal and to comfort.

My friend taught me gratitude for simple things. Countless times I have received a cheery text from her sharing that I have “made her day” or that my strawberry jam is “more precious than gold”. I find this so funny because I truly enjoy making food in my kitchen. As for the jam- We pick the berries and process within hours. I feel like “Susie Homemaker” (no pun intended). There is a sense of pride in what I do. It’s a GOOD thing for me, but to be able to share is even better. Still, jam is a simple thing. It is only unique because so often it seems no one has the opportunity any more. The ease of the grocery store coupled with our hectic lives make the act of homemade canned goods sort of a rarity. However, I assure you- the gratitude of my friend inspires me incredibly. Her kindness every time she cracks open a jar of preserves blesses ME much more than I could ever venture to bless her.

It’s the little things.

Today, I wish you something simple that gives you life, settles your heart, or makes you feel appreciated.

In Peace,

It's the little things...
It’s the little things…
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