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7 and 8

these moments were great…
Hmmm, seems to be a good theme for me these days.

I feel like this entire exercise is about taking a breath and appreciating the countless gifts I have been given. It is about exhaling, appreciating and opening my heart.

So since I have been grateful, but not sitting at my computer, I wish to catch up just a little bit.

Day 7-nyc

I have to say that one of my probably most irrational fears is height. I struggle with vertigo from time to time, and well, when you are physically high up it’s pretty scary.

However, I tried to let go of my fear and just enjoy where I was. This happened to be a most spectacular sight. The George Washington Bridge- very cool and made me want to paint. I am so glad I DIDN’T close my eyes and miss this wonder.

Day 8-bunny

It’s about taking the moment.

I was hurried to leave an appointment the other day – and this little guy stopped to say hello. Wishing I had a great camera to photograph him, I was grateful to catch this on my phone. I was amazed at how not shy he was and his trust in me. He was willing to hang out and let me photograph him.

What did I learn?
slow down, take the risk- the benefits are in your hand to enjoy.

In gratitude

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