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And then there were ten….

Ten days!
They say a habit is formed in twenty-one days. I think I might have worked more quickly than that.

It’s interesting. Every day I find myself on the look out for a moment, an opportunity or a wonder. Every day I am blessed with choices of several to share with you.
I don’t think my life is profoundly different then it was ten days ago, I just think I am noticing the positive more. It’s a great thing.

Today, despite having a challenging morning (you don’t want to know) it was a day full of accomplishments. The huge blessing that I am attaching to most though is the fact that I was able to play a little bit in my studio.

What a pure JOY!

It may sound funny, but I am thrilled when my hands are a mess. It’s exciting to me. It means I have been working.
I haven’t had hands like this in FAR too long.
I am hoping to make working again, a habit too.

Wishing you peace and bright stars in the sky



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