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Day #23

It was a day. You know by that opening statement and because there are an obvious lack of positive adjectives that it probably wasn’t the best of days.
BUT all is well that ends well, right?
without going into the gory details of the trials of the day, I will merely suggest that I found my day to be incredibly challenging.
It was a day where I quickly became overwhelmed with the challenges set before me and felt powerless to meet these challenges.
Yet, the wonders of life never cease, and I am pleased to report that I feel I am ALWAYS blessed with what I need- especially if I pay attention.
I WAS paying attention.

with freedom healed comes opportunity to reach higher.
with freedom healed comes opportunity to reach higher.

After the honor of facilitating a wonderful prayer flag workshop- I sat down to reflect. Reflect on my day, evaluate the workshop, and pay back in my head the encouraging words, and kindness of those around me.
It is clear to me that the warmth of a friend, the amazing sunset, the sound of laughter in my studio or even listening to my neighbor singing can change the day, alter the path.
For me… it did.
It’s all about paying attention.
I am going to continue, paying attention.

wishing you peace,

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