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I find it interesting that today is not only day 40 in my gratitude journey, but also a day of tremendous celebration for me. After much soul searching, research and YES – even business plan writing, I began the business called “Create Art 4 Good” just three years ago. To say I have learned a lot along the way is truly an understatement. Things have grown even quicker than hoped for- this is a wonder to me.

So today- for the one who is not so thrilled to celebrate birthdays (who wants all that attention?!) I am THRILLED to celebrate this day. Three years ago, I began something that I hoped would make a difference, that could pay it forward, that would invite others to bloom as well. Three years later, I find that many goals have been reached, many more are in the wings and today, I am able to touch the stars just a bit.

Thank YOU, for helping me find this place. It is a place of wonder, of joy.

with my love and deepest gratitude.

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