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46, 47, 48

Day 46-
Today was a day of frustration. It seemed like I worked so hard to not get nearly enough accomplished.
I learned today that slowing down might be the best possible choice and rushing won’t make it happen quicker-
More likely it will have to be redone.

slllllllowwwww down

Day 47
Today I learned that simply giving a coupon to someone can just about make their day

It’s the little things!

Day 48
It’s the little things. The thoughtful things that makes life what it is.
Today my husband brought me flowers picked from his parent’s garden

It reminded me of when we were newly married, had NO money and he found a field of daisies
He picked the HUGEST bouquet for me
I felt like a queen that day- the richest woman on earth

Yes. my friends…
it IS the little things.

daisy web

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