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fifty- eight

I found today that the needs of my heart spoke louder than the needs of my environment
Let me explain

It was a “to do” day
There was a GIANT ist on my docket from very early in the morning
This would likely include no studio time.
I tried to get the computer “stuff” done early
which wasn’t difficult, or maybe it was-
(my computer crashed RIGHT in the middle of my work!)
I did not let this get to me (TOO much)
I loved on with the list-

I couldn’t move quickly enough
It Occurred to me
that indeed I had an entire grocery list of things to do
but also
I NEEDED some creative time too.

My time with a paint brush is also time with my spirit
I feel at times I pray best when I am painting.
I took a step back,
found some watercolors
and played a bit.

It was like taking a HUGE deep breath
I was centered
I was whole,
the “to do” list didn’t seem nearly as scary.


Don’t forget to take care of yourself just a wee bit
it makes all the difference in the world.
wishing you BIG deep breaths!

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