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Day 82 of 100 days



These 82 days have been some of the most amazing of my life.
I feel like someone has woken me up from a coma.
They say when you are in a coma you may recognize much of what is going on around you
but I am betting you don’t actually attach to it much.
The past 82 days have taught me to be still and listen
they have taught me to SEE to full picture not just my limited view point

they have taught me that miracles happen

They have taught me that paying attention to the beauty
the joy
the gifts around me
make the big mountains not so hard to climb.

They have taught me that determination
and perseverance are the key to the joys I want in my life.

These 82 days have been a gift
EACH and every one.

Do not misunderstand.
There have been amazing joyful days
and there have been days of heart ache

EACH has been a gft.

Each to be appreciated.


These 82 days have changed my life
fueled my passion
and renewed my soul.

I invite YOU to take your own journey.
The revelations will be astounding
Just pay attention-
we miss so much when we are in that coma

good luck.




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