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One hundred days.

Remember the post I began, oh… about one hundred days ago or so? I suppose you might have also noticed that I stopped posting about my 100 days.

I hope and pray you do not think I have been remiss,                                               No, I did not lose my way along the journey- it just honestly became too personal to report on a daily basis.                                                                                               I feel that in a very real way my one hundred days became sort of a spiritual retreat. I was able to clearly recognize things that would happen, things said, gifts bestowed as readily as I was able to see them. It was incredible.

There were simple gifts-  a beautiful leaf falling from the tall trees in the park next to my home.  A smile from a stranger, a kindness unexpected

There were more profound gifts- too numerous to detail for you.

There were quiet gifts- there were gifts that I honestly only noticed because I was looking for them .

These 111 days have been days of wonder, of learning, of courage

These 111 days have changed my world, my thoughts, inspired my dreams and breathed fresh air into my lungs.

These 111 days- are of wonder.

I have learned that the wonder is there if you pay attention. So are the miracles, the bountiful hope, the passion- everything good. It’s there.

Will you take a chance? Will you celebrate the next 100 days of your life?

Be still and listen…..

In peace,                                                                                                                   Susan

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