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One step at a time.

It’s interesting you know, I speak with so many people who say to me, “I could never do what you do.” or the ever popular, ” I cannot even draw a stick figure.”

My usual response is well, one step at a time. One line at a time- it all seems to work out in the end. So yesterday- I decided to start a piece and document the process.

This piece employs graphite (which I did not document), watercolor and ink.

As you can see- it’s one step at a time.

IMG_7452I began with a compass, on a piece of mixed media weight paper. Added a bit of watercolor.

simple right?



then I added a bit of detail with ink. I am fascinated by zen-tangle, how it makes me feel- the transformation of spirit, The process is simple each line added to the next , on to the next

IMG_7453As you can see no real “talent” is required,

it is simply a case of being patient and consistent with the process.

IMG_7455filling in the details, one line at a time


IMG_7456I wanted some detail in the center. Most Mandala work begins with the center and works outward. Much like our own lives. We start inside and we bloom on the outside!


IMG_7458I feel like the inking changed the entire dynamic with the piece. I am not a “fan” of oranges typically, but paired with the inks, I think it works.


IMG_7459Now time to add more detail. just simple lines

IMG_7460starting from the center, working outward, things seem to be clearer. I almost cannot keep up with the lines I know I should be putting down. It was an exciting process – I couldn’t wait to get to the end!

IMG_7463simple lines added to create beauty.



The other thing worth noting is that this did not take all day. This piece was a matter of a couple of hours. I sat in my wonderfully warm studio, enjoying each step. taking a moment to document them so I could share them with you


IMG_7467this piece was exactly what I needed. Art restores my soul from the stresses and strains of every day life. As you can see – this did not require any sort of amazing talent. While it might sound cliche – you need only an open heart and willing spirit.  The rest of it takes over. I promise!

I invite you to attend my next watercolor zentangle workshop on March 21 at 1PM. To reserve your seat for the workshop email:

blessings to you-



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