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It’s the fourteenth anniversary of a day that changed our country forever. I believe before this we had this silly idea that we were insulated from the vulnerability the rest of the world feels on a daily basis. 9.11.01 changed the United States forever.

This all sounds dramatic, but I wholly believe it.

Here’s the thing… I will be brief- 911 just like many other opportunities reminds us how delicate life is. It reminds us how it could change in just a heartbeat with no warning, with no sign – it’s delicate.

I think for me, it has served to remind me that life is for living and I am not promised the next moment. But I AM in this moment.

So I cherish it. I embrace the amazing love I am blessed to have for my family, I am spirited with a paintbrush and I am grateful.

I hope you take from this tragedy, the many gifts you are blessed with. I hope like me,  you take the time to appreciate them. I hope that your life has more flavor.

I hope like me, you never forget.

be blessed always,


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