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So often we miss the little moments. So often our lives whirl by and the tedious seems to take over the miracles.

Today- I celebrate, maybe even quietly, but trust me, I am having a parade in my heart.

Two years ago today, I opened the doors to Create Art 4 Good at the Hungerford building. I joined countless other artists doing what we love, CREATING ART!

To say I have the BEST studio in the Hungerford seems like bragging, but it is exactly how it feels to me. I have windows on three sides of my studio- on the gloomiest day it is still beautiful. At five am when the light is starting to peek into the windows, the shadows are positively intoxicating. (yes I have been there at 5am- it is so peaceful and magical!)  I have space to create, to invite others to create and a long gorgeous display wall for a monthly rotating exhibit.

I have learned much in the two years I have called the Hungerford home. I have been blessed by my fellow artists, by patrons and by opportunity. I have been given the opportunity to support local charities and how can you  beat doing what you love AND paying it forward.

My own studio feels like a miracle to me. On days I have been challenged, I enter my studio and the day begins anew. I love it there. I love how it feels, I crave to create and I feel honored to share it.

So… happy Anniversary. TWO years!

Thank you for celebrating with me. Thank you for supporting with love what I do- Thank you from the bottom of my heart- my joy is immeasurable.

wishing you the wonder of your dreams



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