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Welcome to my friend, Stefani Tadio

So 9-10 months ago I was having a cup of tea and I was thinking about the spring schedule for my gallery. Suddenly it occurred to me that I had a friend who was down right brilliant at one of my most passionate avenues of art: the art of Mandala. A week from Friday – Stefani Tadio and I will joyfully share our work at Create Art 4 Good. Visual Meditations will open and hang for the month of June.

I met Stefani one evening when she graced my studio inviting me to become a member of her organization, Rochester Artisans. She was kind, proactive and thoughtful in every single dealing we had together. Rochester Artisans has been a lifeline to me and my business. Stefani is not only talented, but gracious- her work is spectacular. I pray you find the time to join us for this collaborative event.

A little about Stefani:

Stefani Tadio is a self-taught paper artist specializing in original designs stitched on paper with colorful specialty threads and embellished with beads, crystals and metallic paint.

Her work combines technology with the artisan tradition.  Stefani creates her designs on a computerized cutting machine, which cuts the shapes and the tiny stitching holes. She then stitches each piece by hand with needle and thread, one stitch at a time.

Most recently, Stefani has enjoyed using old books and maps, using Kirigami & quilling techniques to create flowers, candle holders and more.

She sells her handcrafted goods through art fairs and local stores; see her website for more information:

When not making her own art, Stefani is busy with related activities. She is the founder of Rochester Artisans, a networking group with over 2500 members. She also curates the art displays at Fairport Pharmacy & Gift Shop.


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