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Message received.

I started this blog in August -clearly I have been otherwise distracted. Sometimes when this happens I choose to scrap the blog- but this one feels important, so I will finish it, and share.

Yesterday was a pretty spectacular day. This was for many reasons to be honest, I celebrated lunch with my daughter, I woke up feeling proud of my accomplishments of the last five years AND I launched the new business idea.

I was a NERVOUS wreck until I hit send. My stomach was in knots, my heart beating fast, I had a headache – I . WAS. AFRAID!

But I shouldn’t have been. This ideas is as close to my heart as crayons to a five year old. In fact, that is probably how everything got started. I have made cards at LEAST that long. So I suppose five decades of energy is worthy of a second look.

I remember a dear friend’s comments after receiving a card of mine. She suggested that I could never send her one from a store again. She said she didn’t want a gift, just a card. Hmmm that perhaps should have been a light bulb moment. But of course, I just took it as a lofty compliment and honestly, did not give it the weight it deserved.

So – here we are. I have announced my intent to open a card business and your response was completely overwhelming. I feel so incredibly confirmed in this and I am deeply grateful for you and your support.

I am really looking forward to the launch in October. I cannot wait! I believe this is something that will be unique and special. Note cards, individual cards, snarky cards, art cards- MORE!

Please save the date- I think it will be a pretty awesome launch- I promise to have a few surprises for you. I hope you will consider me for your every day cards, holiday cards, just for no reason cards. Together we will send a little love, in an envelope one card at a time.

Have a beautiful day!

Love & peace,


Power of Words

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