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tales of an eight year old’s birthday party

So… I am a mom, I am a “nana”- I have taught art, and reading and well…. lots of things. I have been the guest speaker in many different venues, at community events, in front of board meetings, executive board meetings and more. NONE of this prepares you for an eight year old’s birthday party

I make it sound bad… nope. It was not. It was actually quite wonderful.  

We laughed, we painted, we played, we acted silly, we had cupcakes. 

How bad can it be? 

I am at that age where I worry that I have forgotten how to play with children. You know, you hang out with adults primarily and then you lose your short personness. What I needed to remember was simply that these little ones just wanted to create. They just wanted time with a paintbrush to create something beautiful. JUST LIKE ME. 

They wanted to laugh and giggle, and celebrate the young lady that invited them to share her day. (just like me) 

They wanted to (maybe not consciously) create a new memory, that they could hold on to, enjoy and celebrate, JUT LIKE ME. 

So either I am an 8 year old, or I still remember what it is like to celebrate a friend, create something beautiful and end with a smile. It’s simple really…. love and paint seem to marry well together. I am really excited to have been a part of this. 

I asked the “birthday queen’s” mom if she had a good time,

She replied, ” She did, it was perfect.” 

I asked if I could quote her, she said, “Absolutely!”

So here is to perfect art parties, eight year olds and sharing a little joy. It was a delightful day; I hope yours was too. 

Peace and great big huge love, 


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