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a celebration of Create Art 4 Good

Last Autumn I received a lovely email from someone asking if she could do a documentary on Create Art 4 Good. What a beautiful surprise! 

I was blown away. 

I had no idea how blown away I would ultimately be. 

My experience with Katie was wonderful. If you know anything about me, you know that I really like being BEHIND the camera, never in front of it. Even worse to be filmed- dear goodness!

But Katie made it easy. It was like having a conversation. There were times while she was filming that I didn’t even remember she was there! I remember one afternoon I was painting and then I moved my head and BAM she was about four inches from my face. EEK (I don’t think that made the film)

Katie was sweet, respectful and unassuming about this entire process. It was fairly painless in spite of ME. This week, Katie shared her work. Mark my words, Kaitlyn Emerson is a wonder and there will be many good works from this talented artist. I am honored she spent so much time with me and my beautiful vocation. 

Please take the time to view the film. (it’s less than eleven minutes!) 

Create Art 4 Good Film – K. Emerson

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