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Marketing Monday- A Foundation for Success

For two or more years now, I have been holding meetings on the first Monday of every month (typically). We discuss ways to grow our business. None of us claims to be experts, none of us has all the answers. However, collectively, we seem to have quite a few great answers. 

In January- I will call in an expert or two, and share all the wonderful marketing materials I have been gathering for you. You will receive a sassy notebook to record and organize your business life. 

I am excited about this for many reasons, some of which include that we never get deep enough on a Monday night. However, if we take a day- don’t even have to leave for food, we can get some work done. 

I think it’s important to look at our businesses with fresh eyes. January seems like the perfect time to do that. So… I invite you to join me. Space is very limited. 

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2 thoughts on “Marketing Monday- A Foundation for Success

  1. I have my ticket – thanks for offering this, Susan. I’m really looking forward to starting 2018 on solid ground.

    1. Thank you for your confidence, Stefani! I am really excited about this workshop.

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