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the celebration of art

For the last few years, I have invited the students at West Irondequoit Central School District to share their work in my gallery. This not only is one of my favorite exhibits each year, it is also in keeping with my mission statement. My goal in doing this is to encourage creativity among all people. The gallery shines with the hearts and creativity of these students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. 

This year is just as magical as previous years with one notable exception. Several of the most inspiring teachers you could ever have the honor to work with hung the exhibit on January 22nd. It was wonderful to witness. Each teacher working diligently to show each student’s masterpiece in just the right place. There was cooperation, collaboration, and wonder. I sat behind my desk, occasionally obtaining something necessary or working through a problem with those brilliant teachers. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched them work. They spoke with each other about different projects, techniques, and pride in their students. It was a unique and wonderful view of people who give so much. 

The show will open soon, artists who barely can hold a pair of scissors to those who apply to college for the sake of art will filter into the gallery. Soon the walls of my gallery will echo with the sounds of their excitement and pride. Soon their families will ooo and ahh over the work accomplished. They along with total strangers will react to the sweet little pieces of a kindergartener and be inspired by the ideas of others. 

ART should be celebrated! In a world filled with electronics and other distractions, these students worked to create something to inspire, intrigue or perhaps just to express their own ideas. I hope you find the time to visit. To celebrate! To show these students some love. 

In peace and gratitude, 



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