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Starting with a clean slate

So, guess what? In JUST a week, I will be quitting my position of nearly thirteen years to begin the next chapter of my life. It is almost hard to believe. BUT, here we are!

Over the past seven years or so I have grown this business into something that honestly just amazes me. I have said it all along, I have to keep up with the momentum that seems to naturally be occurring. I am certainly not complaining. But this does keep my own on toes. 

I believe that it is time now to let go of the past and dive into the future. That said, I am proud of the work I have done in the past. It isn’t that at all. I am just ready to think bigger, do more, dive deeper. 

This is where you come in! I have set things out in a Clear the Slate sale! I am offering items up to 75% off. Pretty fancy, right? I hope you will adopt a photo or two, or maybe a few hundred cards- I cannot wait to share what comes next! 

blessings to you- thank you for sharing this adventure with me. 

Big huge love 


P.S. Due to a personal commitment I am not able to be at the gallery on first Friday. My deepest gratitude goes to Stefani Tadio who always seems to generously share her time and talent when there is a need. Please visit Stefani! Buy some art! Make everyone happy – blessings, Susan


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