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Anniversary thoughts

I have started this blog every day for a solid week.  It is unlike me to have words fail me. (I seem to always have plenty to say) I honestly didn’t know what to write. (Or maybe how to write what I needed to say) I certainly have pride in my business, pride and honor in having helped other artists show their work, gratitude in facilitating workshops and socially conscious events, gratitude in being able to pay it forward, pride in the art that has been “adopted”, and the spin-off adventures I have taken (Greetings4Good!)- and well, you get the idea, right? These are some of the good things I am celebrating today! 

In recent times I have discovered that balance is in order. I began this business shortly after losing my mother,  I was working full time, had a house full of young adults, and did my best to work almost full time at this business too. That was a whole lot of busy! I didn’t know how to slow down, there wasn’t time to! As I navigate my journey, I recognize the need for balance. 

Balance has always been a challenge for me. I think in some weird way that is a strength, I try not to do anything halfway. I am all in! Working hard has never been an issue. What I have learned is you don’t get any trophies for ignoring your personal and physical needs.  In fact, it ultimately interferes with your goals.

As I navigate this journey, I recognize that a full cup isn’t a luxury it is a necessity. Throw in a few health challenges,  and a few million commitments, and heck- you have a recipe for a completely new perspective. 

That said, today, I am celebrating my anniversary AND balance! I am going to share some of my favorite art and items on social media. If you want to bring them home, or even send them as a gift, please comment! I will invoice you, and send them out early next week! (or make arrangements to pick them up at my studio) There may be a surprise or two included! (Not to mention this fancy magnet I made just for this occasion!) 

Thank you for supporting me. I would have not been able to navigate the particularly hard times (covid etc) without you. You have been with me throughout the seasons of this business, and I am so darn grateful. 

Sending you so much love, 






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