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The Reviews are in! “Seeds of Affirmation” Deck

Affirmations celebrated

This started as a “heart ” project and has progressed to something so much more. 

My mission with my business (Create Art 4 Good and Greetings 4 Good) has always been to create opportunities for positivity, and art, and pay it forward. I feel like in many ways I have done this is a most conventional way. 

Recently, (as many of you know) I designed a deck of fifty-two cards that share beauty and affirmations. I suppose they pay it forward in a different way. Each card has a piece of my art along with a positive message. They come in a plastic closed box so that they are easy to keep with you or keep on your desk. Use one a day or one a week- the choice is yours really!

It has been a grand total of forty-nine days since I launched these decks. To be transparent, it is scary to launch a new product. Especially one that is substantial to produce. However, the response has been incredible.  In that time I have reprinted TWICE! So many decks are in the universe. I have had several people buy one or two, then come back to buy more. I am beyond grateful for the response. 

Would you like to learn more about what other people think? (I admit I want to share!)


MM: I carry this box with me everywhere. Sometimes when someone I encounter is having a rough day, I invite them to choose a card! So far I have shared with thirteen people in thirteen days! 

MS: This is incredible! I love them! So beautiful and professional!

SJ: Susan, this work is incredible. I cannot wait for the next deck to come out! (Yes, shhhh there will be more decks!)

SF: This card deck is amazing. I gave it to a friend and she loves it. <3 <3 <3

DH: This deck is beautiful, inspiring, and just plain awesome!

HB: Good, beautiful work. 

TH: This arrived just when I needed it. A beautiful pocket of inspiration. 

KM: This is a gift, a blessing, 52 blessings. Thank  you

CL: Thank you for knowing what I needed to hear and doing it so beautifully! 

Those are a few of the responses- (they sort of make my head swim) I am proud of this project. I am proud of the positive opportunity it has already given. I am grateful for your encouraging words, keep them coming! If you own one – Thank you so much! If you don’t own one yet- you can order yours here!

Thanks for listening- thank you for your encouragement- 

sending so much love,