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International Women’s day

So when I think about the women who have inspired me throughout my life there have been countless women. I began this blog thinking about how many people have influenced me and inspirited me. I wanted to share a grocery list, naming each and how they have been so instrumental. Some I have a personal relationship with, some are historical or public figures who I have never had the honor of meeting. ALL have played a role in who I have become today.

Panic set in when I thought about this process of naming names and influences. I agonized a bit about who I might leave out, would they be hurt or not even notice? As I strolled through the list in my head I recognized quickly I would be blogging until July to name these names and describe their personal fingerprint on my life. This blog is not actually about naming names. Hopefully, it is about sharing that I have been touched by countless women. Clearly, you can look at any life and recognize that because we do not live in a vacuum, there are people responsible for inspiration and encouragement. 

So to you- who have walked this journey with me. To you have inspired my heart, my art, my life, my journey. To you who have shown me a different way, encouraged me to be better, to see clearer, to be kinder and love deeper. To you who have left me speechless, inspired my voice, given me fortification and courage, thoughtfulness or sweetness, laughter and peace. To you who have given me shelter from the storm, inspired the celebration, held my hand, shared a stone, given me color, taught me to serve, love and be bold. To you who have patiently encouraged the bloom, empowered my words, deeds, art and wholeness. To you who have taken the time to know, breathe with me and adventure with me. To you- who have left their fingerprint on my very heart. I AM SO GRATEFUL.

As women, we can be the very source of strength, courage, and life. We have the opportunity to raise up those around us and sing to the accomplishment of that. 

Today, I celebrate all the women who have given me the opportunity to be more than I ever thought I could be. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for you- you have inspired me, encouraged me and given me more than any one soul could ever hope to receive

with deepest love and gratitude.


In celebration of those who have encouraged my bloom as a human