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A few more details…

A brown wooden china cabinet

A few more details…

I am overwhelmed by the support that each of you have so generously given to me. This journey has been incredible and each day resembles Christmas, a new gift, a new opportunity. Today a most affirming gift came from dear friend of mine whom I met while living in Pennsylvania. She has always been a bright spot in my life, and today was no exception. She sent me a message, “Your mom would be very proud of what you are doing and who you are becoming right now…………xoxoxo.” I have to say these words meant more than she will ever know. While I started Create Art 4 Good because I believe it is vital for me to use my talents to create a change in my corner of the world, it is also an incredible benefit to make my parents proud and to carry on the legacy that they have begun. I miss my mom, deeply. To think she would be proud of this, (and I believe she would be) is certainly an added motivation. So that said, it seems time to disclose a few more of the details of my plan.

It isn’t just a cliché. Art has tremendous power both for the creator as well as the observer (collectors too!). This is why we have things in frames on our walls, sculptures, beautiful books and are compelled to embellish our living and working spaces. Artistic opportunity is everywhere, the greeting card, billboards, murals and sculptures in the park. Ideas are limitless, and the prospect of creating a piece of art that not only moves another emotionally but also might have a long lasting positive effect, thrills me to beyond measure.

The next phase of Create Art 4 Good goes beyond the blog- and into the marketplace. Create Art 4 Good reaches out to artists and collectors alike. My process is simple. Support art and artists- (highly talented, hand chosen and juried), sell their wonderful work and give a portion of the proceeds to charity. In this, everyone benefits. How exciting is that?!

One of the best parts of my plan (in my opinion) is that I am able to continue working on my own art. As you may or may not know I am a mixed media artist. I work in pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. Clay, water media, fibre, found objects, photography, you name it! I will continue my artistic exploration; I will continue to offer my work.

As my mother always said, “Charity begins at home!” So my very first offering will be a china cabinet. It is a lovely cabinet with a very classic look. Soon, it will be a more contemporary look. Oh, it’s not done yet! In fact, far from it! Is it odd that I find that exciting? I feel like as my business grows, this cabinet will also be transformed. I will paint each stroke knowing that my dreams are that much closer to blooming. I invite you to go along with me on this exciting voyage. I will share the journey through photographs and quick updates.

Just to kick it off, here is the first image-A brown wooden china cabinet

So there you have it… come along with me… and let’s get to work

In peace-