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The Art of … Friendship

The art of… friendship

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“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival.” – C. S. Lewis

Friendship is one of the many things I believe we as humans take for granted.

In fact, the social media “Facebook” has exploited the term. On Facebook friendship seems to equate to anyone you have ever known, shopped at the same grocery store with or perhaps attend the same university (maybe not even at the same time!). It is superficial. While I agree it can be a great way to reconnect with people, I suggest that it is not always the healthiest method of maintaining or growing a true friendship.

True friendship to me entails many different things; none of them include “writing on my wall”.

There does not seem to be an accurate definition of friendship, certainly not one that truly defines all aspects of the term.

There are people in my life that I rarely speak with. Yet, when I do, it feels like no time has passed since last we met. The most difficult task seems to be sharing every detail of life during the time we spent apart. I usually leave our meeting wondering why we don’t see each other more, but grateful for each moment spent with this treasured friend.

There are friends that I call “3 am friends”. Any time, any place you need them, I KNOW they would be there. My husband jokes that there are friends who would help you move, and then there are friends that would help you move a body. All kidding aside- the body moving friends are my 3 am friends.

Without going on to define every avenue of friendship I think it is clear that there are many different types. I hope you are blessed with good friends, old friends, new ones and yes, especially “3 am friends”.

However, one of the things that has occurred to me as I travel this journey, is that just because friends come and go has no bearing on the value of their friendship.

I have lived in two states; I have attended school, and college, and even joined a few organizations. Each of these things allows you to meet different people. Each of them allows the seeds of friendship to be planted. I am honored to say that I have been blessed by many friendships. Some I still maintain, some have passed.

I used to mourn this deeply.

Shouldn’t a true friend be a part of your life forever?

Please don’t diminish those in your life by equating their worth to the longevity of your relationship. I believe that people enter our lives often when we need them to. Sometimes they stay for a cup of tea, and sometimes they stay forever. As we grow, our needs change. As we walk our journey we are open to different things.

To view friendship this way truly honors those in your life as they walk the shared journey. It is indeed an act of gratitude and ultimate love to not attempt at possession, but truly to appreciate who they are and what they are to you at the time they were in your life.

So today- look around you. Appreciate those in your life and the gifts they give to you. Be inspired by them, grateful for them and most of all… be one of them.

In Peace-