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The art of…the hand written note

The art of… the hand written note.

What a wonderful thing is mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. Author Unknown

I know what you are thinking; why on EARTH would anyone thing about hand writing a note? We have email, tweets, and texting – technology has made this obsolete, right?

Let me ask you something- when is the last time you received a note, or perhaps even a thank you note? How did you feel?

I would be bold enough to say that when someone cares enough to send a note of caring or gratitude it is an extremely positive thing. I have even been known to call them “paper hugs”.

An envelope with an address written on it and a letter behind it.

When my children were young, I had a rule; one must write a thank you note to those who sent birthday or Christmas gifts BEFORE using them. They didn’t like that rule much, but I would like to think that it is important to show gratitude when someone was kind enough to think of them. They are good humans, and showing gratitude is a perfect way to prove it.

I believe that actually writing a note to someone is part of the simplicity, the cherishing of each moment, of slowing down just a bit. It takes time to write a note, there is no spell check, no backspace key. It seems to be a sincere and intimate act.

Letters are tactile- for those of us who still enjoy the feeling of paper in our hands, or the turning of the page, it can be very satisfying to touch this purposeful document. It is permanent; it is thoughtful and often emotional or reflective. The hand written letter speaks about the writer through the style of line or even the pen chosen.

The hand written letter is in fact an art form.

Must you doubt? Currently there is an exhibit in the UK devoted to just this exact art form.

So- my suggestion is this- write a note. Think about someone you know that might need an encouraging word, someone you might truly make a difference to. Send them a note, you will both feel better.

The art of the letter is not dead, perhaps it is just asleep. It lies within our humanity to reach out to another. Perhaps it is time.
In Peace-