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I didn’t forget you…

Yep- it’s true-

September seems to be the month of adjustment. As you know I launched Create Art 4 Good about a month ago. My new project that is truly the culmination of many dreams! I am able to support art and artists while reaching out to my community in an active way to support those in need. Joyfully this opportunity has created many more opportunities and some days I am not certain which end is up!

That said- please be patient with me. I have so much more to write… so much more to do- I am just trying to readjust to all the wonderful things that are going on in my life along with a few stressful ones. Soon I promise I will be back on track and I will be bugging you to read more blogs, share more joy and experience more art…

Until then <3 share the love <3


A woman's face graffiti on a wall with tags on both sides of her face