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simple and sweet

I am going to keep this simple and sweet. No fancy type or photos- just plain words.

Thank you- thank you from the bottom of my heart. Create Art 4 Good is working- Without you- it would NOT be working, and it is. For me, working on Create Art 4 Good feels like Christmas every day- I love everything about this. (well maybe not the books and legal stuff) – this is truly a joy- and your help and support have meant everything to me.

I am grateful- so INCREDIBLY grateful. Create Art 4 Good has been the culmination of my life long dreams. The amazing thing is after a few short months of being in existence it is progressing nicely. There is more art in the world, people who need it are being supported. It’s happening.

still – I have to remember to be patient- I have to continue to work hard and check in with each of you- and let you know how it’s going… but I am here to report- it’s working. Thank YOU!

So I promised you, short and sweet-
Thank you. Thank you for helping my dreams to become reality-

in peace & gratitude,